Last day to give your input to change SA's Family Law

Has the law never been on your side when it comes to custody rights, disputes and legal guardianship battles? Well, now’s your chance to say something. more

How do you feel about torture?

A little after 9/11, The CIA began a secret program using "enhanced interrogation techniques" (torture) that would go on until Obama officially ended it in 2009. more

He won’t pay maintenance, and I literally can’t force him

Legally, a father can be required to pay maintenance, but how much can that help you if the father of your child decides he just doesn't want to? more

What's the point of complaining?

The Consumer Protection Act has made it easier to hold companies and service providers accountable, but when is it worthwhile to pursue a complaint? more

Managing your credit over the holidays

What you need to know about credit this time of the year. more

Repair, Refund or Replace - The 3 Rs

What are your rights as a consumer if a product you bought has a defect? Find out here... more

Stay at home spouses, divorce and maintenance

Are you a recently divorced stay at home spouse? This expert advice is for you. more

Lowering the age of sexual consent to 12

There is a big difference between children engaging in sexual acts with each other and adults preying on underage teens. more

Why 2015 is the year to become a landlord

Your first time having tenants? Read this. more

Retrenched in the Festive Season

Many people receive the nasty surprise of a retrenchment slip just before their companies close for the festive season. What does the law say about this? more

Adultery no longer a legal basis for claiming damages

Is marriage still one of the most important institutions in our society? more

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Know your rights

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains widespread. Make sure you know your rights. more

Find out how much personal cover may cost, with Old Mutual's GREENLIGHT Personal Cover online quote

At Old Mutual, we understand that as a working professional, every second counts, which is why we have developed the GREENLIGHT Personal Cover online quoting tool! more

Everything you need to know about returning gifts after Christmas

If you buy something or want to exchange a gift you got for Christmas, how long do you have to take it back? Watch to find out. more

How to buy the house you want

With house price indicators perking up, smart buyers are slowly returning to the market and need to be armed with how to make the best purchase possible. more

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