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Posted by: mmotsi sefole | 2011-10-14


Tired of this job

I have been working for this company for 2 years, working Monday to Saturdays with no days off or half days. I have leave days 18 days left, Saturdays included. How many normal working hours are there in a month? This company says we should be working about 200 hours a month. But doesn't that seem like a lot? Please advise.

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Ashley Swanepoel Ashley Swanepoel
- 2011-10-17

Hi Mmosti, Its difficult to answer this question without knowing more detail in terms of if you are contract or perm staff and also what industry secto you work in, as each industry can have specific requirements with regard to working hours as stipulated by the bargaining council. Without that prior knowldege, I am working on the premise that you are a permanent staff member and not part of a bargaining council. With that in mind, I refer you to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, which states in Chapter 2, number 9, that the maximum number of work hours in a week is 45 hours and it goes further to explain how those hours are broken down. Se the following link as a cross reference: This is ultimately an ave maximum of 194 hours a month (45 x 4.333 ave weeks in a month) Anything over the 45 hours a week would be classed as overtime. Perhaps refer back to your contract of employment for further clarification. I am unsure what exactly you are wanting to ultimately find out in this instance, but would advise you that its important to take leave, as you need to have good balance in your work and home life. Without it, working long hours with no break can result in burnout. I hope this is useful info for you and welcome further questions should you feel that there is anything furhter you would like some guidance with.

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