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8 easy ways to get more Instagram followers

Here are tips to gain Instagram followers one post at a time. more

The dangers of having a social media career

Always wanted to be an Instagram star? Here's the reality behind this fake world. more

5 ways to impress at a job interview

You've been asked to come interview for your dream job - now it's your time to shine! more

8 websites that’ll calm you down in an instant

Anxious? Worked up? Angry? Take a break from you work and click to one of these sites now. more

Fired for going deaf

This worker needs your help, as she is about to get axed for having damaged ears. more

WATCH: After 59 years, Barbie finally gets it right!

Toy maker, Mattel, finally tells little girls that they can be whatever they want to be. more

I am being bullied by my company!

This reader's office is forcing their employees to change their working hours - and they have absolutely no say. more

This incredibly sexist job listing actually appeared on LinkedIn

Web design company offends women everywhere by implying only women can be receptionists. Because, you know, it’s still the 1950s! more

My company took my perks - help!

This reader needs help and doesn’t know how to deal with the company taking away certain perks and demanding fixed hours. more

Set up a contract before you end up in court

A verbal agreement is easier to breach and difficult to prove. A Women24 expert helps a reader out of a breach of contract. more

Retrenchment or a lower-level position: how do I choose?

If your skills are needed, but you are facing retrenchment, is it fair for your employer to push you into a different position? Our Careers expert Karel van der Molen weighs in. more

5 badass female leaders younger than 30

From South Africa to Pakistan, these young leaders have inspired us to be better humans and to fight for what we believe in. more

8 ways to get a job outside of SA

Always wanted to work and live abroad? Here is how. more

"My daughter got her job because she was willing to work as an unpaid intern"

This reader shares a story of his daughter, diagnosed with dyslexia, who struggled to find a job. more

Are unpaid internships only for the rich?

"I’m not a trust fund beneficiary," says this reader and is outraged that companies get away with expecting people to do unpaid internships. more

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