11 ways to make it as an actor in South Africa

Want to be an actress in South Africa? Here are some ways to make that happen. more

'I was humilated by my boss'

This reader was shouted at by their boss in front of their entire company for taking study leave and then given a final warning. Do you have any advice? more

Who's your work spouse?

There is always that one person in the office that you come to depend on so much, it feels as if you are married. more

How to write a killer CV

Your CV is the only insight a potential employer has as to whether or not you are the right person for the job. Make sure that yours is up to scratch. more

How to overcome development challenges through e-learning

The key to overcoming challenges and difficulties is to be proactive and always strive to give your best. more

Should paid menstrual leave be a thing?

We asked our Facebook friends what they thought about paid menstrual leave and this is what they had to say. more

Woman shines in construction business

Sylvia Oliveira shines as the senior commercial manager in Kentz. more

A woman making waves in the corporate world

We continue to celebrate women who make great strides and contributions to the working world. This is our lady of the moment: more

A woman making waves in a male-dominated industry

This upcoming three-part series celebrates women who thrive in male-dominated industries. more

9 bizarre jobs you never even knew existed

Fancy being a professional snuggler? These will make your 9 to 5 seem like amateur hour. more

Do you have a work spouse?

Carmen Williams talks about having a work wife and then losing her. more

Before they were famous: Surprising celeb jobs

Before they got their big break, these celebs were just trying to make ends meet. You won’t believe some of the jobs these celebrities had to do. more

I'm not "just a chick", mister

The reality of our world is that women and men are still not treated equally in the workplace, says Cath Jenkin. more

Average women should get the same opportunities as average men get

Cherie Booth, wife of Tony Blair, has announced that quotas should be introduced to promote gender equality in the workplace. more

Do you think women should get paid menstrual leave?

We all know the pain of period pain, but is it bad enough that we deserve paid leave? You decide. more

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