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How to start freelancing: A beginner’s guide

With the markets decreasing and the possibility of retrenchments soaring, freelancing is starting to look like a stable career choice. Here’s how to make it a stable career for yourself. more

Are unpaid internships only for the rich?

"I’m not a trust fund beneficiary," says this reader and is outraged that companies get away with expecting people to do unpaid internships. more

"Why an unpaid internship is a win-win situation"

Unpaid internships are providing much needed experience for free - unlike expensive tertiary education says this reader. more

Failed matric? Here are your options

It is not the end of the world when you fail matric, even if it feels like it right now. Here’s what you can do about it. more

5 creative jobs that actually pay the bills

Creatives are often left with one of two choices: either pursue your dreams and live out your true passion; or take a job that actually pays the bills. Here’s proof that you can do both. more

Are you having a mid-career crisis?

Dr John Demartini offers six steps on how to change your career halfway through your life. more

Marie Claire is not the only company exploiting young people

More reader opinions on the internship scandal. more

Readers respond to Marie Claire intern scandal

Internship wages have hit another low. Read our readers' opinions here. more

Marie Claire gives weak response to Twitter outrage

Why the statement issued by the local glossy is simply not good enough. more

Marie Claire's R30 a day internship sparks fury

Internship wages hit another low with the latest job listing posted by a local SA glossy. more

How unpaid internships are driving inequality

Are unpaid internships widening the privilege gap? Lili Radloff thinks so. more

Questions no woman should answer in a job interview

An employer has no business asking questions pertaining to your personal life. Here's how to respond if they go there. more

The world’s 10 happiest jobs aren’t what you’d expect

If you are unhappy in your job, you're probably not in one of these professions. more

Are you the office gossip?

When it comes to trash-talk in the professional environment, I can’t help but wonder, can women live on gossip alone? more

8 easy ways to get more Instagram followers

Here are tips to gain Instagram followers one post at a time. more

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