9 bizarre jobs you never even knew existed

Fancy being a professional snuggler? These will make your 9 to 5 seem like amateur hour. more

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Line of dolls that include children with disabilities (and say we are all beautiful) has arrived. more

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7 jobs you never knew paid really, really well

There are some careers that people look at and think, ‘strange’. Yet, many people who have jobs outside the mainstream are laughing all the way to the bank. more

10 jobs that are simply, the worst

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Women who work part-time are more productive

Research shows that they actually waste the least amount of time at work. more

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Maybe it's time us singletons found a new way to meet potential partners. more

8 celebrities you can (attempt to) date on Tinder

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5 deadly accidents caused by people taking #selfies

When did selfies become an extreme sport? more

How to Google, basically, any and everything

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10 people who lost jobs because of their stupid social media shares

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20 jobs you wish you had

We asked our readers to share their dream jobs with us. more

This kick-ass accountant is the first SA Two Oceans winner in 14 years

Caroline Wöstmann makes her accounting firm proud with Two Oceans Marathon win - a first SA win in 14 years! more

8 things only people with jobs will understand

Anja van der Spuy lets us in on what to expect from working people. more

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