Why you should think twice before you recommend a friend for a job

Being friends with someone is not a guarantee that they will be a good employee. more

Is your personality getting you fired?

Apparently, how you relate to your colleagues is just as important as being able to do your job effectively. more

8 jobs that no longer exist today

Career paths forced into extinction due to technological advancement. more

Study suggests well-groomed women earn more than their casual counterparts

Apparently it’s not just attractiveness that might influence women’s pay cheques, but also how much time we spend on our looks. more

High heels: When a dress code impedes you from doing your job

After a recent story broke about waitresses forced to work in stilettos, Louise Ferreira tallies up the pros and cons of wearing high heels at work. more

I got my dream job and this is how I did it

Blogger Anja van der Spuy gives us eight tips and tricks to finding (and securing) the job you've always wanted. more

What to do when you’re being bullied at work

Do you think you're being treated unfairly at work? Lili Radloff tells you which signs you should look out for. more

ADVERTORIAL: Go ONE step beyond

"Invest in a REAL future for your child – with a diploma that goes beyond the norm to take them further faster, as they discover the endless possibilities in the world of hospitality." more

Is working weekends good for you?

While taking your work home certainly has benefits, research suggests otherwise. more

6 things you need to know before you send your CV to a recruiter

We chat to a recruiter about the do’s and don’ts of putting a solid resume together. more

ADVERTORIAL: Join Africa’s leading Online Hotel School and unlock your potential

Perhaps you are already in the industry or wanting to enter the exciting world of hospitality? more

An introvert’s guide to working in an open plan office

It’s not easy being the reserved one when there’s just so much noise around you. Here are 6 ways to thrive when you’re working in a rowdy environment. more

Hilarious Twitter parody account pokes fun at very real sexism in the workplace

Turning the tables, this hilarious account shares “top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood”. more

4 things that prove you have a good work life

Not sure whether you are in the right career? Or appreciated at work? Here are a few clear-cut signs. more

8 tips to change your work life

Great advice to get you out of bed in the morning. more

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