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An introvert’s guide to working in an open plan office

It’s not easy being the reserved one when there’s just so much noise around you. Here are 6 ways to thrive when you’re working in a rowdy environment. more

I got my dream job and this is how I did it

Blogger Anja van der Spuy gives us eight tips and tricks to finding (and securing) the job you've always wanted. more

Female employees speak out in support of Cell C CEO's 'bitch-switch' comment

Jose Dos Santos came under great fire for his controversial remarks against women. Here's what his employees are saying. more

Transgender troubles in the South African workplace

South Africa was the first country to expressly forbid discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexual orientation, but the SA mindset is not as progressive as the constitution. more

Can I start my own business while I'm still employed?

This reader asks our expert whether she can lawfully start her own business if it's not in direct competition with her employed job? more

I got demoted for having a baby

This reader came back from maternity leave to find her job filled by someone else. Here is what our expert had to say about her situation. more

Study suggests well-groomed women earn more than their casual counterparts

Apparently it’s not just attractiveness that might influence women’s pay cheques, but also how much time we spend on our looks. more

Hilarious Twitter parody account pokes fun at very real sexism in the workplace

Turning the tables, this hilarious account shares “top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood”. more

High heels: When a dress code impedes you from doing your job

After a recent story broke about waitresses forced to work in stilettos, Louise Ferreira tallies up the pros and cons of wearing high heels at work. more

4 things that prove you have a good work life

Not sure whether you are in the right career? Or appreciated at work? Here are a few clear-cut signs. more

8 tips to change your work life

Great advice to get you out of bed in the morning. more

Parental leave around the world

These countries offer the best and worst maternity and paternity leave policies to assist new parents into their new role. more

What to do when wrongfully retrenched with an unfair settlement package

A reader asks our expert what actions his wife can take to receive her full settlement package after her being unfairly retrenched. more

7 companies with the strangest policies

From smoking pot at work to not being allowed to be a hipster, these companies are very unique in the way they conduct business. more

10 surprising job interview tips

This is for those who’ve landed the interview, but want more than the standard “sit up” and “dress well” tips. more

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