Conned by the 9 -5 myth

I was nailed to the 9 – 5 perch for 30 years, and then I broke free from the drip-feed of the monthly salary. more


The 10 wealthiest celeb teens

These teens earnings are enough to make you wish you did more than playing hop scotch when you were younger. more


‘How I became M.A.C.’s senior makeup artist’

Michelle Lee Collins tells us how she got to live her dream as a senior makeup artist. more

Work And Money

Meet SA fitness guru Lisa Raleigh

South Africa’s unofficial face of wellness and healthy living. more


Job hunting in the digital age: is the traditional CV enough?

The digital age is here, and it’s changing the face of job hunting. Is printing out a CV still necessary? more


How this top SA fashion designer became successful

Want to be a fashion designer? Here, one of South Africa's foremost fashion designers, Suzaan Heyns tells us more about living her fashion dream job. more


'How I became features editor of a women's magazine'

Sarah Koopman is currently the features editor of Marie Claire magazine. Here she tells us more about her career trajectory and the day-to-day of her dream job: more

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Do you have a work spouse?

Carmen Williams talks about having a work wife and then losing her. 
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