Apple's new emojis are not meant to be racist

Apparently there is a reason why Apple's new emojis have yellow people that doesn't involve racism. more


PDAs on Facebook need to stop

Our readers share why they think PDA's should not be happening on Facebook more


Make your business an online success

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about going on a new business venture, Google wants to help you rock the online platforms. more


How much is too much when declaring your love online?

Do silly pets names, cutesy pics and red hearts everywhere on your timeline bother you? more


If you love someone, tell them in person

Our reader agrees with Lili Radloff's view about PDAs on Social Media and feels it's better to express affection in person. more


I can't help but post about my wonderful husband!

A reader responds to our article about over sharing on Facebook by saying sometimes it just needs to be done - especially when you have a great SO. more


Let's make Facebook ungovernable

Facebook's real-name policy doesn't always protect us. In fact it can be harmful to many who need to use pseudonyms for personal protection or freedom of expression. more

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