Will you have enough money when you retire?

Bad with money? Spending your entire salary each and every month? Here’s some great money advice for those of you who have neglected to make any future money plans. more


9 bizarre jobs you never even knew existed

Fancy being a professional snuggler? These will make your 9 to 5 seem like amateur hour. more

What should I look out for when buying a new laptop?

This reader wants to buy a new laptop, but isn't very tech savvy. Have any advice for her? more

'I was humilated by my boss'

This reader was shouted at by their boss in front of their entire company for taking study leave and then given a final warning. Do you have any advice? more


German woman lived without money for a year

For 365 days this journalist from Germany ate, drank and dressed without spending a cent. more


When 'I quit' won't cut it - here's how to phrase your resignation letter

This reader wants to know how to phrase her resignation letter. more


What's the point of complaining?

The Consumer Protection Act has made it easier to hold companies and service providers accountable, but when is it worthwhile to pursue a complaint? more

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A day in the life of...

Danela Conti from Resort Lifestyle shares the highs and lows of being a professional interior designer. 

Love And Sex

He cheated but I gave him a second chance

2014-06-20 10:47

When you've gone through hell and back with someone, and realise that life would suck without them, what's one more shot at the end of the day?


Being skinny isn't being healthy

2014-08-14 14:14

Starving yourself skinny isn't healthy, and neither is never eating all the junk food you want. Our waistlines shouldn't be our priority. Taking good care of our bodies should.

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