MTN vs Cell C – this is getting nasty!

The gloves are off in the fight between mobile giants MTN and Cell C. more


Is your ADSL service provider ripping you off?

A new trend is emerging in the ADSL arena, every second Internet Service Provider (ISP) is claiming to offer the fastest, most affordable ADSL. more


Is Google making us stupid and lazy?

Are our critical thinking skills being lost to smartphones and computers? Does today’s generation think less and Google more? more


Medical aid ripping you off?

Getting quality medical aid at an affordable price is important for many people. But is it attainable? more


WATCH: The craziest youtubers ever!

We share a list of our all-time favourite YouTube videos. Giggles are guaranteed! more


10 worst things on Facebook

I get that it's all about interaction and sharing...but there are some people I really just want to slap! more


8 Ways to start loving your job again...or not, but you can at least try.

If you ever hear yourself saying "I love my job but...", then these tips are for you. more

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