What should I look out for when buying a new laptop?

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'I was humilated by my boss'

This reader was shouted at by their boss in front of their entire company for taking study leave and then given a final warning. Do you have any advice? ...read more


German woman lived without money for a year

For 365 days this journalist from Germany ate, drank and dressed without spending a cent. ...read more

When 'I quit' won't cut it - here's how to phrase your resignation letter

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What's the point of complaining?

The Consumer Protection Act has made it easier to hold companies and service providers accountable, but when is it worthwhile to pursue a complaint? ...read more


Do you have a work spouse?

Carmen Williams talks about having a work wife and then losing her. ...read more


Girls are meant to be pretty not smart

This commercial highlights how negative stereotypes can threaten a girl’s academic performance. ...read more

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A day in the life of...

Danela Conti from Resort Lifestyle shares the highs and lows of being a professional interior designer. 

Fashion and Beauty

Gavin Rajah responds to copycat allegations

2014-07-29 13:03

The prominent South African designer has been accused of plagiarism after one of his designs was questioned for looking strikingly like Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad’s creation from a show last year.

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