Broke in December? Fix that festive hole in your pocket!

All you need is a change in silly season mind-set to leave your savings balance unchanged more


Not taking leave this year?

During December, the half-empty office can be a downer. Here are some tips to survive,and celebrate, the festive season at work. more


Take control of your Christmas spending

Your finances don’t have to suffer this festive season. Here’s how to cut back and take charge. more


How to know which medical scheme is best for you

Are you thinking about changing your medical scheme? This expert gives us a few key questions to ask when making that decision. more


5 of the worst jobs in the world

Thought your job was horrible? Check out these, and then get back to us! more


Watch 2014's most popular animal video

Proof that dogs are more popular than cats on Youtube. more

Work And Money

10 ways to enjoy the festive season on a budget

1Life gives us a little heads up if you are feeling financially flummoxed in the face of the imminent festivities. more

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Do you have a work spouse?

Carmen Williams talks about having a work wife and then losing her. 
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