How not to pose for wedding photos

Want to capture your magical moment and look great? Here is what not to do.

As a woman with an addiction to capturing memorable moments, I have had my fare share of duck faced selfies and wayward photobombers. In fact, I photobommed some pics myself - unintentionally of course.

I remember at my cousin's wedding a few months ago, we all huddled together for a picture, grinning from ear to ear. Only, there was toilet paper stuck to my shoe and it was a horrible sight to see!

It spoiled the only good family photo my cousin had and she will not let me hear the end of it. Sigh.

If you are like me, not even photoshop will have the power to erase ALL of the kinks you create by just being your clumsy self.

In that spirit, we have compiled a list of things to avoid during your wedding day photo session.

Bridesmaids, you are welcome to adopt these tips of your own to ensure the bride is at optimal beauty and danger free.

The eager beaver

The fact that you're marrying him proves that you love him and can't wait to be spend the rest of your life as his wife. There's no need to fist pump and high-five the priest. It's not a good look - contain the excitement till you get to your honeymoon suite.

(GIF: Gifbin)

You missed a step

They say practice makes perfect but there comes a point in life when you no longer need to practice how to walk, it just comes naturally. Well, with the exception of this bride. I'm sure nerves played a huge part in her grand fall. So when you feel your heart beating out your chest just take it back to the basics: left foot then right foot and keep your eyes on the floor.

(GIF: Ohmygif)

The morning after the night before

To avoid looking like the Corpse Bride, have an early night and invest in quality make-up. You don't want to look like you just stepped out of a "don't do crystal meth" ad for your pictures. Nor do you want runny make-up that will make you look like a deranged bride who didn't know she was getting married that day.

(GIF: Tumblr)

Don't try out new things

It's your wedding day not the one day in your life when you can do all the awesome things you and hubby had planned since the first day you met. Stick the old fashioned ceremony and reception. Just because your husband and the penguin have matching suits doesn't mean they belong in the same picture.

(GIF: Mandatory)

Everybody say:  "I'm drowning, argh I mean cheese"

Getting married on the beach is a great idea just make sure you checked the weather station the night before and you've asked the lifeguard about how strong the waves will be for that day. Nothing says wedding over like a wet dress filled with sea shells.

(GIF: Hilariousgifs)

Mobiles off

Priest: I now pronounce you...

(Sound emerges from bride's cleavage) - " To the window, to the wall. 'Till the sweat drips off my balls..."

If you take your phone with you to the alter, you could be that bride. Don't be that bride other brides talk about at the bridal conventions. Leave your phone in the room!

(GIF: Ohmygif)

The photographer can't walk on water

Just think about it, if the photographer damages his camera all the still memories of your special day will be GONE! If you see anything that could jeopardise your day try by all means to curb that danger even if it means giving the photographer a heads up that he's about to soak his pants in a mini fountain.

(GIF: Youtube)

The perfect pose

Keep it simple and cute. Look into the camera and smile with your heart. Your eyes will do the rest.

(GIF: Tumblr)

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