How to have a white wedding

Celebrate your nuptials with all things white - from crisp white tablecloths and elegant china, to flowers and even paper decorations delicately suspended above the tables. more

Your wedding is the start... not the end

Family may have taken over our wedding, but our marriage? That is 100% ours. more

Zulu weddings: traditional versus modern ceremonies

Traditional Zulu weddings have evolved somewhat over the years. Let’s compare the traditional wedding with the more recent version of the Zulu nuptial ceremony. more

How to have a big wedding on a small budget

It is possible to have a wedding that doesn’t leave you paying off party debt until your silver anniversary. more

The best-ever beauty prep advice for your wedding day

Thanks to beauty guru, Cindy Horton, you can prep like a pro for your big day with this step-by-step guide she used on her own wedding day. more

3 things that suck about weddings

Like marriages, weddings can be the most wonderful things. Like marriages, they can also be awful, and there are some awful things about them, according to Laura Shortridge. more

Should social media have a part in your wedding?

To share or not to share? That is the question. Should you share every detail of our big day online, or should weddings remain social media free zones? more

You don't have to schlep from place to place to plan your perfect wedding

Attention KZN brides to be: Africa’s biggest bridal event is heading your way in August. more

This fierce flower girl struck the cutest pose for her mother’s wedding photo

This outgoing four year old flower girl surprised wedding guests and the photographer with the most adorable pose. more

Choose all the naughty gifts you want for your hen night

Worried about the type of gifts you are going to get at your hen party? Here is how you can make sure you get want you want. more

Scrapbook your wedding album

Why not add a personal touch to your wedding album with these crafty tips and tricks? more

How to find your ideal wedding day scent

Everything is sorted - but the perfect fragrance to complete the big day is eluding you. Don't worry! We’re here to help make the process a walk in the park… more

The fattest bridesmaid

Becoming a bridesmaid threw Samantha’s weight issues into sharp relief… more

3 annoying wedding trends that need to stop

Because having your wedding look like a Pinterest rip-off is just so painfully cliché. more

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