The fattest bridesmaid

Becoming a bridesmaid threw Samantha’s weight issues into sharp relief… more

5 bridesmaid fails that will make you cringe

These bridesmaids will certainly have you thinking twice about accepting your friend’s “be my bridesmaid” invitation. more

Relax, it’s only your first wedding!

Jahni Cowley gives young couples some advice about how to prepare for life after the wedding. more

WATCH: Man proposes to his girlfriend every single day for a year

This is what happens when one man spends an entire year planning one of the most sincere marriage proposals we’ve seen to date. Original story on more

Did you get married in 2015?

Send us your bridal pics and you could be Women24's featured Bride of the Year. more

5 Things NOT to do when planning your wedding

Busy prepping for your big day? Here’s what you should avoid doing at all costs. more

3 things that suck about weddings

Like marriages, weddings can be the most wonderful things. Like marriages, they can also be awful, and there are some awful things about them, according to Laura Shortridge. more

3 annoying wedding trends that need to stop

Because having your wedding look like a Pinterest rip-off is just so painfully cliché. more

Wedding advice from a DJ

You'd be surprised by what the person playing your tunes has learned just by observing other weddings. more

Top 3 wedding reception ideas

Looking to try something unique for your wedding celebration? Why not try doing something a little different with your reception? more

4 Marriage proposal disasters

Some marriage proposal ideas should be avoided at all costs. more

4 times animals encounters at weddings went horribly wrong

From pooping penguins, to the cart that couldn’t handle the hill or the horses, these videos prove that animals at weddings are not always a good idea. more

This is what our bride of the year couple have won

Congratulations to Tracy and Preshen, who’ve won themselves a weekend away to any Protea Hotel in South Africa. more

7 ways to incorporate organza into your wedding

This shimmery translucent fabric has been around for decades and, as a result, has become somewhat overlooked and underrated. more

5 hilarious moments of kids ruining weddings

Sometimes having to run after the little ones, who have their own idea about how the bridal party should be run, is the best thing to ever happen at a wedding. more

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