These newlyweds are probably the rudest couple on the internet right now

This couple’s outrageous, demanding email will shock even the most entitled of people. more

5 bridal expos you should visit this year

Brides-to-be? Keep your calendars open because you’ll want to attend these bridal events. more

3 conversations you should have with your bridal entourage

Don’t want to risk a bridal party member bailing out on you? Here are three important discussions you should have with them. more

How to (politely) kick someone out of your wedding party

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4 ways to avoid being scammed by your wedding vendor

Make sure you’re getting the best deal you possibly can without being taken advantage of. more

5 things you should never do at a wedding

Social etiquette rules that you should print out and keep. more

5 bridal runway hairstyles you simply must copy right now

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8 unique wedding gifts every couple will love

Finding the perfect gift for a bride and groom can be challenging, but here are a few ideas that'll work every time. more

5 epic flash mob proposals you need to see

Flash mob proposals not necessarily your thing? These videos may just change your mind. more

The top choice for SA honeymooners revealed

A survey shows that Zanzibar is one of the best destinations to travel for a newlywed couple. more

Unexpected (but amazing) wedding trends we'll see in 2016

Bridesmaid-for-hire services, 2-in-1 wedding dresses and more innovative ideas you'll see at a wedding this year. more

4 signs that you should call off your wedding

Hearing warning bells instead of wedding bells? Here are a few tips to know when you should think twice about going forward. more

Did you or will you be getting married in 2016?

Send us your stories (along with your pics) and you could be our featured bride of the year! more

Why you should think twice before you say “yes” to being a bridesmaid

Always a bridesmaid never a bride? This is the real reason you should hesitate before accepting the honour. more

How to gauge your partner's ring size

Follow these tips before you go engagement ring shopping. more

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