7 ways to incorporate organza into your wedding

This shimmery translucent fabric has been around for decades and, as a result, has become somewhat overlooked and underrated. more

Did you get married in 2014?

Send us your bridal pics and you could be Women24's featured Bride of the Year. more

5 wedding entrance fails that will make you LOL

Sometimes it’s best to keep your walk down the aisle or into the reception room simple. more

5 Things you need to stop saying to single people at weddings

Why is it that single people are the target of every aunt, uncle or “well-meaning” old tannie at weddings? more

5 Times water ruined wedding shoots

Proof that water isn’t always your friend, especially if you happen to be celebrating your wedding day. more

8 quirky wedding cake ideas to try

As lovely as the traditional, three-tiered layered cake is, it’s not your only option. Here are just a few alternatives that are just as fabulous and (in some cases), more cost-effective. more

5 Things NOT to do when planning your wedding

Busy prepping for your big day? Here’s what you should avoid doing at all costs. more

5 hilarious moments of kids ruining weddings

Sometimes having to run after the little ones, who have their own idea about how the bridal party should be run, is the best thing to ever happen at a wedding. more

How to have your dream wedding and save

You don't have to strain your wallet to have the wedding of your dreams. more

Couple asks strangers to gatecrash their Vegas wedding (for R3 454 each!)

What better way to crowd-fund your wedding than by auctioning off tickets? more

An African proposal

Frits Beumer had the perfect plan to propose to his girlfriend Melissa of 13 years, with the help of her love for the bush and leopards. more

33 Things you and your partner need to talk about before you get married

Do you and your partner really know what you’re getting yourselves into for the long haul? Perhaps it’s time to sit down and discuss some of the following things. more

Zulu weddings: traditional versus modern ceremonies

Traditional Zulu weddings have evolved somewhat over the years. Let’s compare the traditional wedding with the more recent version of the Zulu nuptial ceremony. more

5 top tips to ensure that planning your wedding is a breeze

So you’ve saved the date, but now the hard work begins. Here’s how to ensure your planning goes off without a hitch. more

How to have a Game of Thrones themed wedding

Eight ways you can pay homage to your favourite series on your wedding day. more

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