Picture of a screaming and frustrated bride

4 Reasons it’s totally ok to not be excited about your wedding

Planning a wedding, while exciting, is hard work. Which is why it’s completely fine to not be enthusiastic about it all the time. more

5 Reasons why being a bridesmaid is seriously hard work

Sure it can be fun for some, but for others, it may be the closest thing to hell on earth. more

5 Things you need to stop saying to single people at weddings

Why is it that single people are the target of every aunt, uncle or “well-meaning” old tannie at weddings? more

5 Wedding mishaps that will make you cringe

There are wedding fails, and then there are WEDDING FAILS. These videos will make your toes curl up from the sheer embarrassment and hilarity of it all. more

5 types of people you meet at a wedding

From the creepy old uncle to the desperate woman, there are certain characters you'll find at every wedding. more

Zulu weddings: traditional versus modern ceremonies

Traditional Zulu weddings have evolved somewhat over the years. Let’s compare the traditional wedding with the more recent version of the Zulu nuptial ceremony. more

“I got your back!” Where would wedding planning be without bridesmaids?

When it comes to planning a wedding, you need all the help you can get. Thank goodness for bridesmaids! more

9 fabulous buffet ideas for your wedding

Buffets have been synonymous with wedding receptions since way back in the day, but these days it’s more than just a matter of serving shepherd’s pie, potjiekos and rice. more

Lifting up your dress and flashing your bum is a thing!

Because being all dolled up for your wedding is just no longer enough. more

Would you ask your husband to take your last name?

Our readers weigh in on this rather controversial topic. more

33 Things you and your partner need to talk about before you get married

Do you and your partner really know what you’re getting yourselves into for the long haul? Perhaps it’s time to sit down and discuss some of the following things. more

How to be a good wedding guest

Been invited to a wedding recently? Here's a list of things to keep in mind so that you don’t embarrass the couple or yourself. more

I spy: 10 types of drunks at weddings

If you ever thought that there is only one type of drunk at a wedding, well, you'd be wrong. more

WATCH: Worst wedding day FAILS!

From tantrum throwing ring bearers to wacky entrances, here is what NOT to do when celebrating your big day. more

Why wedding diets are so scary

It seems that for most people these days, looking good on your wedding day means being thin. But does it really have to be that way? more

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