Quiz: Which celeb should be at your wedding?

Nothing ups the ante on your wedding day like having a celeb make an appearance. Take this quiz and find out who should attend yours. ...read more

Are you bridesmaid material?

Think you've got what it takes to be lady-in-waiting to the bride-to-be? Take our quiz and find out. ...read more

Are you a bridezilla? Take our quiz.

Find out if you need to take a chill pill or whether helping you plan your wedding is an absolute dream. ...read more

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Karel van der Molen

Unemployed, uninspired or just plain bored in your current career? -Speak to our expert

Technology Whizz

Trying to figure out if that iPad is worth the cash? Ask our Technology expert, Carolyn Holgate.

Your boobs are not magic. They’re not curing cancer

Everyone loves boobs, and sex sells, so what’s wrong with a little boob-centric breast cancer awareness? Quite a lot, actually...
Why are there no big bums in fashion?

The firm, but large derrière is most certainly back when we look at pop culture spheres like popular music, but why is fashion still turning the other cheek? Read more

I used to abuse myself

Sometimes the most abusive relationship you can be in is the one you're in with yourself. Read more

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