Paraplegic groom surprises his bride with first wedding dance

He lost his legs in a motorcycle accident, but that didn’t stop former soldier and veteran Joey Johnson from finding a way to dance with his wife Michelle, without the use of his wheelchair. Read the full story on Jezebel. more

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Real SA wedding: Mariëtte & Arno

This couple decided to do things a little differently. See how their wedding unfolded. more


8 ways to achieve the perfect romantic atmosphere at your wedding

Setting the mood is crucial, especially at a wedding. This is why lighting is just as important as the decor when planning for your big day. more


5 wedding mishaps that will make you cringe

There are wedding fails, and then there are WEDDING FAILS. These videos will make your toes curl up from the sheer embarrassment and hilarity of it all. more


5 Hilarious wedding cake fails

Here’s why you should have the wedding cake at the reception before everyone enters. more

Real Weddings

Real SA Wedding: Ryan & Lee-Ann

They knew each other through mutual friends, but only really connected when their fathers went on a trip overseas. View their gorgeous gallery here. more


4 of the most ridiculous moments on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

There’s wedding reality TV shows and then there’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. If you ask us, this show deserves a special category all of its own. more

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Real SA wedding: Erna & George

They met at one of South Africa’s biggest music festivals and have been inseparable ever since. Browse through their gallery now!

Real SA wedding: Ilandra & Elbrie

Despite being diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma, this reader still ended up having the wedding of her dreams.

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