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The race-swapped cast in an upcoming zombie movie may not be all that radical

The movie trailer for The Girl with All the Gifts, a forthcoming book-to-film adaptation has just been released and the cast is surprising to say the least. more

Do the police manipulate murder statistics?

Around the world police are known for manipulating crime figures. South Africa has been no exception. more

What it means to be a Jewish trans woman

"Making my transition has made me realise that if I ever attended another Sedar, I would choose to sit amongst women," says Anastacia Tomson in Always Anastacia, her book about being transgender. more

6 reasons to attend the Franschhoek Literary Festival

The annual Franschhoek literary festival starts this weekend, here’s why you shouldn’t miss it. more

Book review: The Widow by Fiona Barton

A harrowing, but important read from debut novelist Fiona Barton. more

Sorting the Beef from the Bull: the Science of Food Fraud Forensics

A relevant and fairly easy to read book packed with fascinating facts that may have you looking twice at the contents of your dinner plate. more

Book character names matter more than you think

Why, oh why do authors insist on giving their book characters names that are either a) dumb or b) hard to pronounce? more

5 books that explore the damaging effects of rape culture

The Brock Turner case proves, once again, how prevalent and deeply entrenched rape culture is in our society. These books take a closer and in-depth look into the impact it has on rape victims. more

Book review: I’m the Girl Who Was Raped by Michelle Hattingh

Michelle breaks down rape myths while simultaneously addressing the grave lack assistance for rape victims in Cape Town – one of the world’s rape capital cities. A necessary read. more

Is it Just Me or is Everything Kak? The Zuma Years

A laugh-out-loud read that celebrates the best and worst of South Africa. more

A South African guide to book bargains

One book blogger’s handy guide to getting the best books for the lowest prices. more

Translated book wins the 2016 International Man Booker Prize

It was a big night for translated fiction as Korean novelist Han Kang won the prestigious award for her novel, The Vegetarian. more

I'm the Girl Who Was Raped

In a harrowing new book, Michelle Hattingh talks candidly about being raped on the very day she presented her thesis on men’s perceptions of rape. more

Book review: Updraft by Fran Wilde

An unusual coming-of-age story set in an utterly fascinating and imaginative world, Updraft is a beautifully written novel for fans of fantasy fiction. more

Book review: The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel

A mysterious man who walks backwards, a chimpanzee, and a road trip. These are the unexpected elements that draw together the three quizzical threads of the latest from the author of Life of Pi. more

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