Book Club

Dead Cows for Piranhas

A brutal and in-depth look into the ugly world of the South African and transnational drug trade. more

Reader review: Fifty Shades Trilogy by E. L. James

I would say that this is an "adult only" book. No teens! more

Stuff SA White People Like

A laugh-out-loud and tongue-in-cheek look at some of the things that white South Africans love. more

Here are some of the funniest words for penises

From ‘rod’ to ‘raging beast of his desire’ some authors get quite creative when describing male genitalia in sex scenes. more

7 Things non-readers need to stop telling readers

Just stop with your unsolicited advice and obnoxious questions already. more

Do you have a favourite word?

What would stories be if they had no words to form them? more

4 reasons you should read Leaving Time, the new novel by Jodi Picoult

The international best-selling author, who is currently in South Africa as part of her book tour promotion, has just released her 24th novel, Leaving Time. Here’s why you should pick it up. more

Intersex is not a dirty word!

“Human nature truly sucks sometimes. When we encounter something out of our range of what is expected, we poke at it and stare at it and generally react badly.” more

5 Things I’d like to see more (or less) of in books this year

These are the trends that really should and shouldn’t be happening. more

Book review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldone

Could Outlander be another pure case of BBFS (book boyfriend syndrome)? more

Shelfies: Pictures of bookshelves

We asked our readers to send us their bookshelf snaps and the results make us want to be a little creative with our collection. more

Why the Disneyfication of fairy tales exists

Did you know that some fairy tales were used as propaganda during the Third Reich? Here’s why one author chose to use fairy tales in a narrative centred on a concentration camp. more

Don’t film yourself having sex

... and other legal advice for the age of social media. more

The most obnoxious things people who don’t read say to those who do

Our readers share some of the worst things that non-readers have ever said to them. more

Top 12 reads of 2014

The best books we’ve read this year. more

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