Reasons not to date an Aries man


Fire signs like Aries are often reminiscent of their element, which is why this makes staying in-love with an Arien man very difficult.

Sure, it’s easy to be attracted to his passion, enthusiasm and love for life. But, an emotionally immature Aries man will make you doubt yourself if you stay long enough for his flames to consume you.

Impulsive and impatient

He barely thinks through any of his actions before he acts on them, which, while thrilling at times, can often lead to trouble. His lack of patience can also put a strain on your relationship, so, forget about being fashionably late – you can almost be sure that he’ll leave without you.

Arrogant and insensitive

Don’t expect him to understand or even sympathise with you when Aunty flow comes to visit. Your mood swings won’t rival his and it’s only inevitable that your personalities will clash. And, because he has a temper, he will also be more prone to throwing tantrums instead of having a heart to heart.


Having fixed opinions are one of Aries’ most prevalent traits. This is good but, combined with emotional immaturity, stubbornness and arrogant insensitivity; this could be a recipe for disaster.

Of course, not all Aries are like this, but if you do manage to find yourself dating an Arien with all these aspects, be prepared for arguments that could leave you more than a little teary eyed. 


If something does not sit right with him he will confront you – and most of the time - publically. This can damage the trust you share and maybe will bar you from confiding in him in future.


Aries men often unintentionally divide their attentions. This means that he starts things but doesn’t finish them.

This is bad because it could also influence his responsibility in the relationship. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself playing mediator all the time, when things become heated between you two. 

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  By: Gadeeja Abbas


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