Capricorrn 2 April


Dec 22 - Jan 20

Today's Horoscope

You like things to be ordered and organised. You may find yourself being extra busy as you need to plan your long weekend and you don`t want anything left out. The focus today is about planning; structuring and organising things so that you can have your much needed break in comfort.

Starsign of the month: Sagittarius

It is said that Sags are knowledge seekers, but in truth, they’re personality seekers. They’re not looking for wisdom – just information to fill the gap where their personalities should be. Read more here.

Sagittarius: your sexual wishlist

Being seduced by a fellow passenger aboard an aeroplane or a luxury cruise liner.

Quote of the month

“One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.” - Jarod Kintz.

Silly Astrology

Are you feeling more frivolous about your astrological self?

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Silly Astrology: Leo

  • His sexy zodiac

    Who doesn't adore generous, luxury-loving Mr Leo? He'll be the best lover you've ever had because his pride won't let him be anything less. Read more here.

  • Your beauty horoscope

    As a Leo, you're confident and self-assured. You adore entertaining and are a gracious hostess – provided you remain the life and soul of the party, and aren't upstaged by anyone else. Like the lion of your Zodiac sign, your glorious hair is one of your most characteristic features. Read more here.

Sexy Astrodisiacs: Leo

  • Your Astro Partner
    Dating a Leo woman

    This woman soaks up attention and affection like she soaks up the sun. She adores to be stroked and blatant flattery will get you everywhere. Read more here.

  • Your Astro Partner
    Dating a Leo man

    This man oozes so much confidence that you can see, hear and smell him a mile away. He is usually well-dressed, attractive, the centre of attention and quick to capture the limelight. Read more here.

Hilarious horoscopes

  • Virgo
    Aug 23 - Sep 22

    It’s extremely tempting to simply write the word “nit-picky” 500 times and leave it at that, but receiving thousands of angry, hysterical emails from hypochondriacs with tragic self-esteem issues isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. Read more here.

Hilarious horoscopes

  • Libra
    Sep 22 - Oct 23

    Because they have no personality of their own, they’re excellent social chameleons who can take on the personality of the most powerful (or most shaggable) person in the room.. Read more here.

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