Cancer 22 July


Jun 21 - Jul 22

Today's Horoscope

In your optimistic need to feel part of the group and to help in some way, you may end up taking on more than you can handle. This could lead to worry and becoming over anxious about things. Find a quiet and centred place and try to work things out.

Starsign of the month: Cancer

Cancerians have mother issues that make Oedipus seem well-adjusted. They either want to marry their mothers, creep back into her womb where it's all nice and warm, or kill her. This usually depends on the phase of the Moon at the time. here.

Cancer: your sexual wishlist

To make love or be made love to, whilst only wearing nipple caps.

Quote of the month

"When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.” - Albert Einstein

Silly Astrology

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Silly Astrology: Cancer

  • Your travel horoscopes

    Are you sure that you actually want to go anywhere? Cancerians like the familiarity of home and the comfort of family, so if you do hit the road, you're probably towing a caravan (that home from home), with the entire clan crammed into the car. Read more here.

  • Your wedding horoscope

    The crab wants tradition – perhaps in an ancient chapel or beautiful garden. In fact, a wedding planner would be good to make sure you get it just right.. Read more here.

Sexy Astrodisiacs: Cancer

  • Your Astro Partner
    Dating a Cancerian woman

    Cancerian women aptly reflect the archetype of Mother. By nature she is very caring and nurturing, she is very caring and nurturing, with an abundance of love and kindness. It goes without saying that she is an excellent parent. Read more here.

  • Your Astro Partner
    Dating a Cancerian man

    Your Cancerian man is essentially a family man. Home and hearth is where his heart lies and much of motivation for being successful is to take care of his family. This he will do to the best of his ability, since he would like to make life as comfortable as possible for his clan.. Read more here.

Hilarious horoscopes

  • Leo
    Jul 23 - Aug 22

    Leos are so utterly convinced that the sun shines out of their butts that it never occurs to them that the rest of the world doesn’t feel exactly the same way. Egotistical to the point of delusional, Leos strut through life as if it were a ticker tape parade held in their honour. Read more here.

Hilarious horoscopes

  • Virgo
    Aug 23 - Sep 22

    It’s extremely tempting to simply write the word “nit-picky” 500 times and leave it at that, but receiving thousands of angry, hysterical emails from hypochondriacs with tragic self-esteem issues isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. Read more here.

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