5 reasons to date a Leo man.


Strong, dependent and a natural born leader… find out why entering a Leo’s den is worthwhile.

Alpha Male.

Like the lion, Leo men are alpha males who like to take the lead in most things. He is protective and nurturing in a masculine way that will definitely appeal to girls who have a weakness for men in charge. He loves attention and will easily charm the pants off of you (both literally and figuratively speaking).


He knows the best restaurants in town and often tends to go a little overboard on dates, which is definitely not a bad thing. Being with a Leo has its perks, as he is generous and doesn’t mind spending some cash to show you a good time. Men born under this sign are open and warm with a sincere temperament making them good partners to start a family with.


‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day?’ Shakespeare is not the only romantic. Leo’s, who have creativity embedded into their personalities are not hard to fall in love with, especially when teamed up with their generosity and attentiveness. So ladies, prepare to be swept of your feet and into his arms.  

Fanning his flames of passion.

With fire being his element, you can expect passion in the bedroom, especially when you are an air sign like a Gemini or a Libra. Water signs like Cancer often extinguishes his flames as a Cancerian women’s introverted nature collides with a Leo’s extravagant gestures of affection. Still, we did mention Leo’s are creative lot, so we reckon he’d be able to work things out with anyone if her really wanted to.

A lions den.

Entering a Leo’s den can be a bit overwhelming because he is protective and possessive of his partner. Loyalty is important to him that’s why he needs to feel that you belong to him alone. But, once you have tamed this wild beast he is yours forever.

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By: Gadeeja Abbas


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