Libra and their erotic fantasies

Why you kinky little deviant... apparently being seduced on your therapist’s couch features heavily on your list of sexiest fantasies. ...read more

Your dating destiny

Is love written in the stars? ...read more

Is your wedding written in the stars?

We show you how to plan the perfect wedding according to your zodiac sign.. ...read more

Your Virgo Partner

Efficient, shy and hands-on? Our Sexy Astro guide reveals all about the Virgo man and woman… ...read more

Virgos and their erotic fantasies

Getting hot and heavy while only wearing an apron and a feather duster? Those demure Virgos are a lot more kinkier than you've been lead to believe. ...read more

Your zodiac bouquet

Let your sign of the zodiac guide you to flowers that will set a mood that reflects your true self. ...read more

Hilarious horrorscopes: Libra

They’re disgustingly good looking, excellent social chameleons who can take on the personality of the most powerful (or shaggable) person in the room. ...read more

5 Signs you’re too Libra for your own good

Being born under the Libra sign comes with a few unique set of problems. Here are just some of the aggravating ones you (and everyone else) have to deal with. ...read more

What can you expect from your future mother-in-law?

Not sure if you’ll get along or not? Here’s a handy astrology chart that could help you decide. ...read more

Are you marrying an idiot?

Check out his star sign and see whether or not you're about to make the greatest mistake of your life. ...read more

How kinky are you? Your star sign reveals all

Are you a sweet but sensual lover, or are you kinky in the bedroom? ...read more

The astrology debate: fact or fiction?

The argument for astrology rests on the idea that lack of proof is not proof against. Do you agree? ...read more

Astromatch: Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

SA's Oscar-winning sweetheart and one of Hollywood's reformed (we hope!) bad boys have been dating for quite some time, but just how compatible are they really? ...read more

Your travel horoscope

Stuck for ideas on where to go on holiday this year? Look to your zodiac sign for fun destinations. ...read more

5 Signs you take horoscopes way too seriously

We all know of at least one person who thinks that horoscopes are the go-to guide for all of life’s answers. Here’s how to tell when you or someone else is a little too obsessed with it. ...read more

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