Leo, astrology

5 reasons why you'd like being dominated by a Leo

No, not like THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter! ...read more

Your dating destiny

Is love written in the stars? ...read more

Sex and astrology: Cancer's hottest fantasies, desires and erotic hotspots

From wanting to have sex on the banks of a lake, to getting their groove on wearing nothing but nipple caps, Cancerians prove that they’re not as conservative as they seem. ...read more

How accurate is your star sign?

Your star sign supposedly says a lot about your character.Discover more about yourself and tell us if you believe it's true. ...read more

Psychics: Real or fake?

Our readers share their conflicting opinions on whether clairvoyants are con artists or genuine psychics. ...read more

So, astrology isn’t evil?

According to the majority of our Facebook followers, astrology can be seen as many things but evil is not one of them. Do you agree? ...read more

Your silly horoscope profile: LEO

From ‘what kind of wedding you should have’ to ‘what kind of drunk you are’, we take a look at some of the sillier aspects of Leos. ...read more

What do you REALLY think about astrology?

Do you pretend to scoff at horoscopes, but then secretly read them when no one’s looking? ...read more

5 hilarious struggles all Cancerians can relate to

It’s not that you’re needy or anything. You just really, REALLY love the people you’re close to. ...read more

Hilarious horrorscopes: Gemini

Unfortunately, much like two 8 year olds don’t make a 16 year old, two halves don’t always make a whole. Geminians are tragically incomplete. Twice. ...read more

Hilarious horrorscopes: Cancer

Cancerians are very affected by the Moon. And the planet Mars. And just about anything, really. Sensitive little wimps. ...read more

Numerology: a load of rubbish?

Apparently there's an incredible amount of info hidden within our names and birth dates. What do you think? ...read more

What's your signature look?

Are you girly or glam? Prefer bright, bold colours or soft, pastel make-up palettes? See what our astro guide says about your beauty style. ...read more

5 Signs you take horoscopes way too seriously

We all know of at least one person who thinks that horoscopes are the go-to guide for all of life’s answers. Here’s how to tell when you or someone else is a little too obsessed with it. ...read more

What your star sign REALLY says about your personality

Find out what your star sign says about your personality - in GIF form! ...read more

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