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Book Club

PICS: See the world’s most adorable shaking puppies

Meet the photographer who probably has the best job in the entire world. Puppy shaking shenanigans included. more

Book Club

9 Books that will make you want to eat ALL THE THINGS!

Warning: Contains mentions of chocolate. more

Book Club

Crappest CVs ever

“Good day. My name is Pablo Mustafa. I am a former painting assistant to Jesus Christ and Takashi Murakami.” more


Is your job a living hell?

Are you even in the right field? This career guide tells you all you need to know about your office personality and which job is best suited for you. more

Book Club

Reader opinion: 4 reasons why I’ve decided to give my books away

It’s incomprehensible that people would want to get rid of their book collection, and yet this is exactly what one reader did. Here’s why. more

Book Club

A reader's open letter to Lena Dunham

‘We both adore Taylor Swift and we both wear panties (sometimes even granny ones).’ more

Book Club

Reader opinion: Rediscovering Charles Bosman and the Boer war stories

An avid reader remembers why she fell in love with Herman Charles Bosman's writing. more

Your astro guide

Searching for answers? Let our astrologers guide you...
Petra du Preez

Petra has been a practicing astrologer for over fifteen years... -Read more...

Hilarious horrorscopes

Taurus? Cancer? Libra? Here's a funny, but insightful guide to your star sign. -Read more...

PICS: We like big book (chains) and we cannot lie!

Plenty of fun was had when people from all over Cape Town gathered to witness and partake in a record breaking attempt.
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A story about a woman who chooses to abuse men instead of lying down and remaining downtrodden and beaten.  Read more

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