• Dead Cows for Piranhas

    A brutal and in-depth look into the ugly world of the South African and transnational drug trade. Dead Cows for Piranhas

  • 4 reasons you should read Leaving Time, the new novel by Jodi Picoult

    The international best-selling author, who is currently in South Africa as part of her book tour promotion, has just released her 24th novel, Leaving Time. Here’s why you should pick it up. 4 reasons you should read Leaving Time, the new novel by Jodi Picoult

  • Intersex is not a dirty word!

    “Human nature truly sucks sometimes. When we encounter something out of our range of what is expected, we poke at it and stare at it and generally react badly.” Intersex is not a dirty word!

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PICS: We like big book (chains) and we cannot lie!

Plenty of fun was had when people from all over Cape Town gathered to witness and partake in a record breaking attempt.
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A story about a woman who chooses to abuse men instead of lying down and remaining downtrodden and beaten.  Read more

Love And Sex

Going steady in the world of dating apps

2014-11-20 13:25

Dating has got a lot more complex than just swiping left or right. Here are five of the most ridiculous apps you might come across while seeking Mr-Will-Do-For-Now.


Real SA wedding: Vanessa & Richard

2015-01-27 10:58

They met through mutual friends and started dating two years after getting to know one another as friends. Here’s how the special day unfolded.

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