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8 acts of balance only Librans will understand

Symbolised by the Scales, Librans love keeping the balance, but walking on such a tight rope can’t be easy. more

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Twilight reimagined: Bella's a boy!

Author of best-selling Twilight saga, Stephanie Meyer has gender-flipped the roles of Bella and Edward in this 10th anniversary edition of Twilight. more

Book Club

10 times JK Rowling completely slayed on Twitter

The Harry Potter author has proved, time and time again, that she’s a badass queen on social media. We round up our 10 favourite tweets. more


Your Libra dating profile deciphered

Born under the Libran star sign and want to know more your relationship wants, desires and sexual hotspots? We’ve compiled the ultimate list just for you. more

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10 of the best Jackie Collins novels we remember reading under the covers

We pay homage to the queen of scandalous, Hollywood-esque romance novels, who recently lost her battle against breast cancer. more

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10 books I wish people would stop shoving down my throat

Stop trying to make Shantaram happen. Shantaram is just not going to happen. more


5 reasons why Virgo could rule the world

Peacekeepers, analysers and on an eternal quest to bring order to chaos, people born under the Virgo starsign could do wonders while running for office. more

Your astro guide

Searching for answers? Let our astrologers guide you...
Petra du Preez

Petra has been a practicing astrologer for over fifteen years... -Read more...

Hilarious horrorscopes

Taurus? Cancer? Libra? Here's a funny, but insightful guide to your star sign. -Read more...

PICS: We like big book (chains) and we cannot lie!

Plenty of fun was had when people from all over Cape Town gathered to witness and partake in a record breaking attempt.

A story about a woman who chooses to abuse men instead of lying down and remaining downtrodden and beaten.  Read more

The Storyteller

Poignant, touching and written in a fashion that's reminiscent of an almost-fable, The Storyteller is a book that journeys into the heart of one man's search for redemption.  Read more

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