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Book Club

Book Review: The Dream House by Craig Higginson

A beautifully poetic narrative that is filled with sad imagery; gloomy mists creep from the pages into the reader’s mind, seemingly to prepare for a dark ending. more

Book Club

The 5 stages of going through a book break-up

Because life's way too short to read a bad book. more


5 hilarious struggles all Cancerians can relate to

It’s not that you’re needy or anything. You just really, REALLY love the people you’re close to. more

Book Club

Book Review: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Jean Louise, aka Scout, visits her hometown 20 years later, only to discover that everyone she’s ever loved and respected, has changed... and not for the better. more

Book Club

Five reasons to read Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Despite the controversy surrounding Atticus Finch, here are five reasons why you should read this book today. more

Book Club

11 of your favourite spine-chilling reads

Looking for a read to keep you on the edge of your seat ? Here are some of your favourite reads. more

Book Club

Why I won’t be hating on the Fifty Shades of Grey author

Why I’m defending an author whose books I, honestly, greatly dislike. more

Your astro guide

Searching for answers? Let our astrologers guide you...
Petra du Preez

Petra has been a practicing astrologer for over fifteen years... -Read more...

Hilarious horrorscopes

Taurus? Cancer? Libra? Here's a funny, but insightful guide to your star sign. -Read more...

PICS: We like big book (chains) and we cannot lie!

Plenty of fun was had when people from all over Cape Town gathered to witness and partake in a record breaking attempt.

A story about a woman who chooses to abuse men instead of lying down and remaining downtrodden and beaten.  Read more

The Storyteller

Poignant, touching and written in a fashion that's reminiscent of an almost-fable, The Storyteller is a book that journeys into the heart of one man's search for redemption.  Read more


How to get rid of bad breath once and for all

2015-06-23 12:58

Conscious of your breath? This hilarious and helpful video shows you how to eliminate bad breath, because let's face it - breath mints don't always help.

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