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Book Club

Don’t be a racist. Ever. But in particular, don’t be a racist online

Can we really prohibit speech that is hurtful? Excerpt from Don’t film yourself having sex and other legal advice for the age of social media. more


The astrology debate: fact or fiction?

The argument for astrology rests on the idea that lack of proof is not proof against. Do you agree? more

Book Club

Don’t film yourself having sex

... and other legal advice for the age of social media. more


How hot is he in bed?

Our astro guide tells you just how adventurous - or not - he is between the sheets. more

Book Club

Confessions of a reluctant book lender

There’s nothing worse than someone who does not return the book that someone lent to them. more

Book Club

Books and wine: a marriage made in literary heaven

Ask any book club member what the most important aspects about book clubs is and the answer is this: literature and copious amounts of wine. more

Book Club

10 books I wish people would stop shoving down my throat

Stop trying to make Shantaram happen. Shantaram is just not going to happen. more

Your astro guide

Searching for answers? Let our astrologers guide you...
Petra du Preez

Petra has been a practicing astrologer for over fifteen years... -Read more...

Hilarious horrorscopes

Taurus? Cancer? Libra? Here's a funny, but insightful guide to your star sign. -Read more...

PICS: We like big book (chains) and we cannot lie!

Plenty of fun was had when people from all over Cape Town gathered to witness and partake in a record breaking attempt.
Don't miss out on these reads!

See what our readers and columnists are talking about... Read more


A story about a woman who chooses to abuse men instead of lying down and remaining downtrodden and beaten.  Read more

Fashion and Beauty

Instagram style file: The New Hipster

2014-09-04 13:10

Crystal Kasper's blog New Hipster is a visual representation of her personal style and journey within the glamorous world of fashion. Here we peek into her world, via her amazing Instagram account!

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