Funniest reactions to Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom’s fight

Celeb Gossip

The Lord of the Rings actor apparently nearly hit the hitmaker in the face over some baby mama drama. Here are the funniest reactions.

7 Things non-readers need to stop telling readers

Book Club

Just stop with your unsolicited advice and obnoxious questions already.

Fashion cheats so that you get to wear what you want


Want to look fashionable but sometimes the styles just don’t work? Tracy Gold tells you how to cheap so you look fabulously fashionable.

My worst enemy: The girl in the mirror


Would you tell your friend that you think she looks fat and ugly? So why do you do it to the girl you see in the mirror? Tracy Gold explores ways of shifting your body perception.

Well, I guess I am not an attractive girl!


This brilliant response to a sexist list of things that are supposed to make girls attractive had us in stitches.

Trying to decide whether or not you should read the new Lauren Beukes or the latest offering from J.K. Rowling?


Visit our book club to check out our reviews and to browse through this month’s top ten reads.

I am not oppressed!


What you see and hear in the media does not always reflect the whole picture. Saffiya Ismail tackles the topic of stereotyping Muslim women.

Annual Silent Protest against rape


Once a year, rape survivors and protesters join together in solidarity to fight against the war on women's bodies.

Modern day women: Too busy to be healthy?


Women today are the undeniable experts of multitasking, but at what cost to their health?

Who should pay on a date?


Do you still believe that it's a man's duty to pay for you, or do you take turns?

Let me tell you where you can stick your unsolicited advice


Sometimes advice is valuable. Other times... It's really not. Know when to keep your unsolicited advice to yourself.

This guy makes working out look easy


This notoriously mean machine is a slave to this man's rhythm. Austin Brown should watch out, because this is by far the best treadmill dancing seen to man.

A man's guide to online dating


Pay attention, men. Violet Online is about to give you an online dating manual. It’s for your reading pleasure, it's free and it's about online dating etiquette.

It’s time to stop treating girls like they’re inferior to boys


For too long, the phrase ‘like a girl’ has suggested weakness, inferiority, and emasculation.

The top 3 worst group chats to be in


Are you the sort of person who creates random group chats for bad reasons? You need to stop that.

9 funniest celebrity insults

Celeb Gossip

Famous people telling off other famous people is the best thing ever.

Manhunt after woman found decapitated


Gauteng police are searching for a Turffontein man after his girlfriend was found decapitated in their home.

The rubybox 99c offer ends 31 July!


Don’t miss out – sign up today and get your first customised rubybox worth R250 for under R1.

Everything you need to know about ben-wa balls

Sex and Sizzle

Have you ever wanted to try out ben-wa balls? You might want to follow this advice...

4 Reasons it’s totally ok to not be excited about your wedding


Planning a wedding, while exciting, is hard work. Which is why it’s completely fine to not be enthusiastic about it all the time.

Gavin Rajah responds to copycat allegations


The prominent South African designer has been accused of plagiarism after one of his designs was questioned for looking strikingly like Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad’s creation from a show last year.

10 times people seriously failed at DIY


Sometimes we should really just leave it to the experts.

10 early signs that you're in an abusive relationship


Is this real love, or are you on a shortcut to a private hell of abuse? Here’s how you can tell.

How to help a male rape survivor


Why does society seem to deny the fact that boys can be victims of sexual abuse?

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