Being a mother doesn't mean you stop being a friend


Manni Bradshaw is tired of people pulling the "mom card" as an excuse to be a bad friend.

Instagram style file: Raylene Harvey


This self-made and self-taught fashion designer takes us through her sassy style choices.

Watch how scammers make worn tyres 'new'!

Featured Articles

Used tyres may be cheap but there dangers when purchasing from dubious dealers. Watch as scam artist make fake tyres into seemingly new sets of wheels!

4 Marriage proposal disasters


Some marriage proposal ideas should be avoided at all costs.

5 travel destinations so beautiful, you won’t believe they exist


Prepare yourself for these jaw-droppingly amazing sites.

I’m having sex with my plumber, builder and all the firemen

Sex and Sizzle

Violet Online shares her sex dreams and tries to make sense of them.

Why some people are racist

Book Club

In his book, Black Brain, White Brain, Gavin Evans examines and challenges the myths being perpetuated about the relations between genetics, race, IQ and general intelligence.

Nigeria in tense vote count


Nigeria is counting ballots in its closely fought general election after failures in controversial new technology pushed voting into a second day, with officials calling for calm in the tense wait for a winner.

Come on South Africa what’s wrong with you?


Violent Online wants you to stop and reflect.

Help! I hate my job and can't afford to quit


If your job is unbearable and you can't just leave, read this to find out how you can survive the work place and find new opportunities.

Matte lips might just be your new favourite beauty trend


The perfect matte pout is our new go-to beauty look. Here's the products you need to achieve this effortless lip finish.

10 times Bonang blew us away on the red carpet


Bonang Matheba slays the red carpet every single time. That's why we've rounded up all the moments she scored top fashion points.

My fight to officially become a woman


Overcoming Gender Dysphoria is just the first step to fully gaining your true identity, the other battle comes when officially changing your ID. Jude Knowles shares her struggle with us.

SANDF denies Zuma chopper 'taxi' claims


At no point has President Jacob Zuma's family used an SA Air Force helicopter for transport, the SA National Defence Force says.

The world's dumbest criminals will make you feel better about your life


See the world’s dumbest criminals in all their stupid splendour as they fail hard.

11 of the world’s richest heiresses (that are not Paris Hilton)


Young women whose parents prove that hard work pays off; and with those rewards come another generation of billionaires and millionaires.

4 relationship myths for girls debunked


Ever wish you could go back in time and give your younger self relationship advice? Laura Shortridge does, and this is what she would tell herself.

Would you choose an airline based on its smell?


Certain airlines are scenting things up to make flying a more sensuous experience for passengers.

Cuffs: the accessory your wrists have been longing for


Decorate your wrists this autumn with chunky cuffs. From sleek, art deco designs to rope, brass and raw crystal, we have rounded up all the best arm candy around.

WATCH: Alleged drunk cop video goes viral


This video uploaded and shared on Facebook allegedly shows a drunken police constable being questioned on the side of the road in Durban. Watch.

But I TOLD you so!


You know that feeling when you can see something's about to go pear-shaped, but no one seems to care? Lili Radloff gets that a lot.

The grown-up girl's wardrobe guide


As you mature, so should your wardrobe, but mature doesn’t have to mean boring. Tracy Gold gives her top tips to making your wardrobe age appropriate with style.

Air crash victims' hometown angry and shocked


The town and school of the 16 students who died in a plane disaster in the French Alps said they were shocked by the news that the co-pilot may have deliberately crashed the jet.

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