Diet pills can kill you, and you’ll die horribly


After another diet pill fatality police are looking into the dangers of diet pills available online.

9 times Donald Trump was seriously stupid and gave us all a headache

Celeb Gossip

Just because he’s rich, successful, and famous doesn’t mean he’s always very clever. See why.

How curvy girls wear tulle skirts


Fashion blogger, Meg de Jong, shows us why the ballerina skirt should be your next purchase...

Captain America and Hawkeye call Black Widow a slut


Reminder to women: Only men are allowed to have more than one sexual partner in their lifetimes, or even flirt with more than one person.

These panties made from human hair are just plain weird


A woman is Sweden is making panties out of human hair and it’s odd to say the least.

How to love the body you have: part 2


Tracy Gold explains how dressing for your shape can improve your body image.

Every day is #WorldBookDay

Book Club

In honour of World Book Day, here are 10 of our favourite quotes about books, reading and the power of stories.

The scale of desire is more complicated than you think

Sex and Sizzle

Dorothy Black spoke to gender activist and psychosexual educator Delene van Dyk about love, sex and the evolution of our sexual orientation.

Naturally Rihanna upstaged the bride with her bridesmaid dress


This proves, once more, that Rihanna dominates in every and any situation possible.

I'm a self-absorbed zombie and so are you


Your precious phone is turning you into an idiot, reckons Lili Radloff.

Why the “My Idol” app is your new favourite creepy obsession


Have you ever wanted to be an animated pole dancer? Or maybe you just want to belt out Frozen’s Let It Go.

How to conquer a sophisticated updo on your big day

Great Hair

Moroccanoil Global Creative Ambassador, Kevin Hughes shares expert tips for the ultimate classy bridal hair trend.

10 local fashion pack leaders to follow on Instagram


These girls don't just play the fashion game, they run it.

Saving for retirement and your children’s education: which comes first?


Every year parents have to make the tough decision of whether to save for their retirement or for their child’s future education. Sanlam helps you prioritise.

This man actually catcalled during an anti-catcall report


Sometimes in life the idiots of the world make themselves known. This is one of those times.

Thousands march demanding justice for slain teacher


Over four thousand people have descended on the Kabega Park police station demanding “Justice for Jayde” and the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Can hiring female bus drivers solve the rape problem in India?


Do you think that hiring female bus drivers in India will improve women’s safety on public transport? Or will this simply attract more female passengers?

12 authors you need to follow on Twitter right now

Book Club

They are masters of the written word and of the twitterverse. If you are not following them yet, do it now!

How to slay like a monochrome warrior


New Hipster blogger, Crystal Kasper, shows us how to be winter ready with black and white.

'Arrogant' rhino poachers each get 15 years in prison


Four Mpumalanga men convicted of trespassing and illegal hunting in the Kruger National Park have each been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

How to photograph life's major milestones

News and Trends

Take photos of life's biggest events like a pro with these useful tips.

10 of the most expensive houses in South Africa

News and Trends

It’s time for some supersized house porn. Have a look at some of the most beautiful and pricey homes across SA.

10 of Beyoncé's fiercest fashion moments


Not only is she the queen of the stage, but she is also the queen of the red carpet.

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