Jayde Panayiotou: Is social media justice really fair?


In light of Jade Panayiotou's murder, Laura Shortridge asks what happened to the rule: "innocent until proven guilty" on social media?

How to love the body you have: part 3


Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other women? Tracy Gold discusses the impact the ‘comparison trap’ has on your body image.

Wear kicks, high-tops & slip on sneakers like it's your birthday


Okay, so the world has gone mad for sneakers. Sneakers, trainers, kicks, or whatever you want to call them - comfort is back on the map! This is truly music to our ears come winter. Pair them with skinnies, a parka and off you go!

8 celebrities you can (attempt to) date on Tinder


If you have a celebrity crush, this might be your dream come true.

Wearing a parka at the office is now socially acceptable


Online fashion mag, A Fashion Friend's fashion editor, Raya Rossi takes street style indoors this winter...

45 pics from last year's Met Gala to get you warmed up


The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City (Met) Gala is this coming Monday and we are super excited. Known as one of the most fabulous parties of the year, here is a refresher of last year's looks.

Easy bake babies and instant parenthood


When it comes to placing a bun in the oven, and traditional methods no longer seem to do the trick, isn't it time we got a little creative?

Dominated, sublimated and deconstructed down to body parts

Book Club

The shock, disbelief, the blaming, the shaming and the hatred of others - All the Rage by Courtney Summers is a book that depicts everything that might have happened to me had I stayed in my country after I was raped.

I’m so sick of wanting all the things!


Most of us compare our own happiness to that of others. And Facebook and Instagram are seriously not helping this ever-nagging FOMO/ guilt feeling I get (especially on Saturdays when I’m vegging on the couch).

7 jobs you never knew paid really, really well


There are some careers that people look at and think, ‘strange’. Yet, many people who have jobs outside the mainstream are laughing all the way to the bank.

I was wrong about depression


Laura Shortridge sets the record straight on what depression is and tells us how it affected her.

We need to start talking about periods


Periods are natural. If we stop being embarrassed by them we can talk about them - and maybe save a girl's life in the process says Jen Thrope.

20 jobs you wish you had


We asked our readers to share their dream jobs with us.

3 held for robbing parents outside crèche


Three men suspected of being behind a series of robberies in Mondeor, south of Johannesburg, have been arrested in Soweto.

10 weird things celebrities did that you totally forgot about

Celeb Gossip

They might be famous, but they're certainly not perfect.

Choosing not to have children does not make me selfish


Choosing not to be a parent takes a lot of consideration, yet people are still harshly criticised for making this choice. This must stop.

10 novels that made you believe in love

Book Club

From sentimentality to a little bit of kink, our readers share their favourite love stories with us.

Is exploitative capitalism to blame for xenophobia?


Just 21 years ago, our country became democratic, the rest of Africa celebrated with us and we continued as a capitalist country. Could we have made a mistake?

10 ways to impress in the bedroom

Sex and Sizzle

Having a boring sex life? Where there's a will there are 10 ways to spice it up.

Diet pills can kill you, and you’ll die horribly


After another diet pill fatality police are looking into the dangers of diet pills available online.

Indonesia executes foreign drug convicts


Indonesia has executed seven foreign drug convicts including two Australians by firing squad, despite a storm of international anger, reports say.

50 best apps to track everything in your life


Track your travelling miles, monitor your finances and even count your calories. These are some of the ridiculously cool and purposeful apps you need to download ASAP.

Instagram style file: Louise Park-Ross


Clothing designer, Louise Park-Ross, shares her amazingness by supporting South African small industries, lovezabuyza.co.za

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