Transitioning to natural hair can seem incredibly daunting

Great Hair

Remember there is no right or wrong when going natural. Here is a starter’s guide to making the transition to naturally, healthy hair.

Heavily pregnant? You might want to read this before planning that getaway


Need to get away for a bit during your pregnancy? Read this to see if you can.

The truth about cybersex

Book Club

In her new book, Cyber Infidelity, Dr Eve takes a look at the increasing phenomenon of people who cyber cheat.

ADVERTORIAL: The importance of business interruption cover for SME’s


Business insurance can provide protection that will ensure your business will survive, and even thrive, through the ups and downs.

Who says you can't wear florals in winter?


SA fashion blogger, Amy Scheepers, shows us how to rock textured skirts and floral prints in winter.

Ghosting: the worst way to break up?


While simply ceasing all contact may not be the best way to end a relationship, Dorothy Black feels it's better to be a ghost than chase one.

Don't let divorce stop you from being a dad


There are many factors that likely distance fathers from their children. Jennifer Thorpe shares why divorce doesn't have to be one of them.

8 game-changing makeup tips for acne-prone skin

Always Clear

Clueless on which beauty products to use for your troublesome skin? Here are makeup and beauty tips to leave you pimple free...

Jen and Ben have split?! This and 12 other surprising celeb break ups

Celeb Gossip

We wanted them to last forever, but it just wasn't meant to be. Here are the celebrity break-ups that shocked everyone.

I'd rather have fewer real friends


Real people with real lives make for much better friends than Facebook acquaintances with pretentious lives.

Add a personal touch to gifts with these hand-printed ribbons


Your friends who do scrapbooking will be crazy about this set of ribbons

We are as superficial on Facebook as we are in real life


We sit there with binoculars, silently observing the lives of our Facebook "friends" from a distance – almost like we’re on safari in the Kruger.

Bad dreams? Here's how to make a dream catcher


American Indians believed a dream catcher let through the good dreams and caught the bad ones; crochet this one and have pleasant dreams

5 hair trends we want you to try this year

Great Hair

Feel like you’re in a hairstyle rut? Having difficulty finding a hairstyle that works for you. Here are five fantastic hair trends to try now.

Celebrities you probably didn't know were related

Celeb Gossip

We bet you didn't know that these stars all had family ties.

It’s statement sweater weather!


Fashion blogger, Thithi Nteta shows that we don't have to settle for boring sweaters to keep warm this winter.

Are you sure that's an original design?


Don't get caught over paying for value. Here's how to train your eye to spot a cheaply-made designer handbag.

Around the world in 10 lip colours: which city’s lip trend do you follow?


Also find out which lip colour most Jo’burg women prefer.

Real SA wedding: Andel & Pieter

Real Weddings

They met up at an airport and fell in love over a game of cards. Here’s how their beautiful day unfolded.

Get the latest soapie updates!

Featured Articles

This week's teasers for all your favourite drama shows!

My favourite jewellery box caught fire during load shedding


What would you do if load shedding made you lose something you love? Here is one reader's tale on losing her precious valuables...

"I don't need a rainbow to support equality"


With America finally allowing gay marriage across the country, everyone is changing their profile pictures in support. Pamela Simpson wonders if this is real support or another Facebook trend.

Natural hair tips for the winter brides-to-be

Great Hair

Are you about to get married and don't know what to do with your hair? We've got the solution!

6 brilliant ways to make your salary last longer


Is there just too much month at the end of your money? Here are 6 ways to do more with your salary.

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