5 must-haves for the ultimate in kitchen cool

Get inspired by these stylish and must-have decorating ideas for your kitchen.

Celeb Gossip

10 celebs pairs that give us some serious #friendshipgoals

Not only are they rich and famous, but they’re besties too. These famous friends might just make you a bit jealous.


10 struggles only girls with deep voices will understand

You know you have a deep voice when you vehemently nod to any of these.


American lingerie line abandons Photoshop and sales soar

A lingerie line is reshaping what it means to have a ‘perfect body’ and everyone loves it.

News and Trends

This R36 million holiday home on the Zimbali Coast is perfect for your summer getaways

Sun, sea, and the beauty of this house will basically ensure that you’ll never want to leave.


Would you get married in a funeral parlour?

Apparently funeral homes are the new “it” wedding venues.


Eating disorders can affect more than just your weight

Are you or a loved one suffering from an eating disorder? It may be more severe than you think. They can lead to long term medical problems.


How to make the '70s trend your own

The seventies sense of effortless fashion is back with a vengeance. Here's how to pull off the look...


Is it too soon to enquire about the job I interviewed for?

We've all been there. Desperate to know if we got the job after an interview, but unsure when to contact the company. Careers & Money expert Karel van der Molen has the answer.


Meet South Africa's richest women

From investments to family businesses, meet some of our country's wealthiest women.

Great Hair

3 hairstyles to inspire your next salon visit

From haute hippy to an androgynous chop: here are 3 hairstyles to inspire your next hair appointment.


Is this the best coat you've ever seen?

Part coat, part bathrobe - all comfy and chic. One of our favourite style stars, Amy Scheepers has the coolest coat we've seen this winter.


8 reasons to love travelling by train

We all know what a schlep it can be to travel using the train, but there’s also so much to love about it.


It’s time to go bold with graphic eyes

Try the trend everyone seems to be taking about this season. C’mon, let’s take eye make-up to a whole new level!


7 tips for having the best European summer holiday

Thinking about escaping the cold SA winter by going on a European summer holiday? Here are some helpful hints to make sure you have a good time.


4 beautiful bridal looks celebrating the brave and free-spirited new bride

Brought to you by by Abigail Betz, one of SA’s finest bridal fashion designers.

Sex and Sizzle

Infographic: The low-down on STIs

Everything you need to know about contracting, preventing and treating for STIs.

Book Club

Helen Zille is writing a memoir and the internet is trying to name it.

Twitter has come up with the funniest and shadiest names for Helen Zille's upcoming memoir.

Book Club

Book review: Fragments by Sarah Foot

Sarah Foot provides none of the glib solutions that romantic fiction traditionally offers. Instead she poses the more tricky question: When love cannot conquer all, what remains?

News and Trends

More lessons load shedding taught me

As much as load shedding is an inconvenience, it has given these few people some survival skills.


10 ways to save on your cellphone expenses

Do you feel that you are paying too much on your contract cellphone? We've got the solution.

Always Clear

5 things that are damaging your skin right now

Wrinkles, early ageing and scarring are just some of the things that can go wrong when you expose your skin to these elements and products.

Celeb Gossip

Still think Bill Cosby's accusers are looking for attention? That's why you're the problem

In a bold move, these 35 women are taking back the power for sexual assault victims everywhere by sharing their stories in a moving photographic piece.

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