Turn wooden beads into colourful jewels

Use pretty paper serviettes in your favourite colours to decorate plain wooden beads.

News and Trends

How to organise your fridge and freezer

Organising your fridge or freezer may seem like a hassle, but it's easier with these simple tips and tricks.


How to tell someone they have stinky breath

Telling someone they have smelly breath is difficult no matter how you do it. Our readers tell us how they would approach the topic.


Try Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj’s '70s disco diva cat-eye

We look at the revolution of the cat-eye and how to copy this VMAs beauty hit.

Featured Articles

Get the latest soapie updates!

All the latest teasers for your favourite drama shows.

Celeb Gossip

MTV VMAs 2015: best pics from snap happy celebs

Check out some of the pics the stars shared before, during and after the show.


MTV Video Music Awards: the worst looks of all time

Outrageously crazy looks you have to see!


Miley Cyrus's 8 most outrageous VMA outfits

Images that will stick to your retina!


3 pore minimizing products to suit every budget

Covering your pores has never been easier with these fantastic buys.


INFOGRAPHIC: How South Africans feel about different clothing retailers

Does your favourite store live up to customer satisfaction standards?


Win a R2500 shopping voucher with Dunlop

In celebration of National Women's month in August 2015, Dunlop has an amazing weekly competition.


How to wear spring scarf trends

If you think that scarves are only for winter dressing…think again. Tracy Gold gives us the low down on spring scarf trends and how to wear them.


Is this blackface?

Winnie Harlow is defending her fans who use make-up to resemble her black and white face.


Why a glowing complexion is always your best asset

Time to catch up on your beauty news! Here’s the best beauty advice you’ll receive all week.

Book Club

10 Books (and plays) we were all forced to read during high school

Some we loved, others we hated, but one thing was clear: if you didn’t read the books in time for set work exams, you would probably have failed English literature.


ADVERTORIAL: Reimagining education through online learning at Wits in partnership with DigitalCampus

Investing in education as the bedrock of South Africa’s future is undoubtedly sound.


Maintain a happier attitude towards chronic illness

Remain in happiness, peace and love because being chronically ill does not mean the end of a beautiful life.


“Watching your weight go down becomes an addiction”

If ever there was a woman who’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt, it’s the attractive blonde, sitting opposite me, clutching a cup of coffee.


11-year-old girl lives longer than doctors predicted

Doctors said little Bennemie had a possible life expectancy of 3 years. Her mother shares the story of how she proves them wrong.

Celeb Gossip

6 awesome celebrity impressions by other celebrities

These hilarious celebrity imitations done by other celebrities will blow your mind.


Brighten up your home by adding a touch of yellow

Spring is around the corner, and that means it's time for a change. Why not add some yellow into your décor ?


8 ways to get nails even Rihanna would be envious of

Effective ways to make troublesome nails pretty again.


The moment I realised I am a woman - part 2

Since we’re celebrating Women’s Month, we asked our readers to tell us about their transition into womanhood.

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