Sex and Sizzle

5 ways stress affects your sex life

Feeling burnt out instead of a burning passion? Here’s why.


ADVERTORIAL: The smelly truth about your home

How do South African women really feel about certain odours? Find out.

Great Hair

5 hair repair products for better hair days

We are not all lucky enough to be blessed with really great hair. Luckily, we have all the best products for you to get your hair healthy and ready for summer.

Book Club

5 of the funniest bookstore signs

We love it when staff at bookstores get creative with their welcoming slogans. Here are 5 of the most hilarious and quirkiest posts we’ve seen.


8 adorably unique and romantic celebrity marriage proposals

Here are some of the best celebrity proposals stories ever.


5 clever ways to upcycle your jar

Here are five inspirational ways to decorate an ordinary jar.


4 cool camping spots for an adventure holiday

Planning your end of year getaway? Check out these local and lekker camping spots.


Is there anything worse than being called fat?

Fat is the new 'F word' and Samantha Steele feels it is far more damaging.


68% of South Africans look more at their phone than at their partner's face

Recent studies by iFix revealed how much time South Africans really spend on their phones and it's rather alarming.


How much does cancer cost?

Cancer treatment can be expensive. Consider the costs now rather than in the midst of illness.

News and Trends

Why we may be facing the hottest year ever

With temperatures in the North East already reaching a scorching 40°C, South Africans are making the best out of a sweaty situation.

Book Club

Book review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

This beautifully rendered fantasy novel features a daring heroine, tortured hero and a world cloaked in beauty and deadly secrets.

Fashion and Beauty

We should ignore mainstream ideals of beauty

Living up to the media's standard of beauty is hard. A reader shares why we shouldn't even bother trying.


10 staggering celeb appearance fees

Ever wondered how much a celebrity gets paid for just appearing at an event? Here are a few stars who get paid for basically existing.


WATCH: Controversial French TV ad banned for being sexist

France3's 38-second ad was supposed to show independence and equality in the workplace, but it turned out to be truly offensive.


The look: long skirts and bulky footwear

We absolutely adored the long skirts paired with chunky flats or heels at this year's Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week. Here's how to own this look.


5 marriage proposals that will make you cry like a baby

Watch these couples take the most spectacular and extraordinary plunge towards forever.


8 steps to the best cancer treatment

A cancer diagnosis is frightening, but don’t let fear keep you from getting the best treatment.


I’m perfect. Well, at least for now

It seems like all you have to do to be perfect is wait for your natural traits to be on trend.


Mammogram madness: a funny tale of shock and horror

My name is Belinda and I will be 45 years old soon. Although I am usually a very positive, bubbly person, a recent experience with a mammogram left me flattened - literally.

Sex and Sizzle

First-time sex is never like the movies

First-time sex with a new partner may not be all romance and orgasms, but Dorothy Black says you shouldn’t judge your boo by their first bonk.


Why we should stop hating our bodies

Marisa Crous wonders why we continue to beat ourselves up for not having the 'perfect' body. Especially since there is no one true perfect body.


10 of the best beauty hacks we’ve ever heard

Our readers share the best beauty advice they've ever received.


Here's how to make actual musical chairs

Are you a music lover? Why not have sheet music printed on fabric and use it to reupholster your dining room chairs.

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