10 of the best beauty hacks we’ve ever heard

Our readers share the best beauty advice they've ever received.


Here's how to make actual musical chairs

Are you a music lover? Why not have sheet music printed on fabric and use it to reupholster your dining room chairs.


Dress to define your waistline

Tracy Gold shows us how to dress ourselves slimmer this spring.


If wedding ads were honest

Jennifer Lopez lied. Love does cost a thing. In fact, it costs an arm, a leg and the rest of your life paying off debt that you made for a wedding.

News and Trends

My domestic worker lives in shocking conditions

The lives of domestic workers may not be the responsibility of their employers, but does that mean they can't do more? Our readers respond.

Celeb Gossip

5 most liked celebrity Instagram images of all time

Instagram is a whole 5 years old! To celebrate, we present the top 5 doubled tapped posts of all time.


8 acts of balance only Librans will understand

Symbolised by the Scales, Librans love keeping the balance, but walking on such a tight rope can’t be easy.


How kids deal with cancer

Four brave children share their tactics against cancer – from writing poetry to playing the guitar.


Did you get married in 2015?

Send us your bridal pics and you could be Women24's featured Bride of the Year.

Celeb Gossip

12 Rugby World Cup WAGS to watch out for

With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, we take a look at 12 significant others that will be cheering from the sidelines.


Turn boring shoes into fancy footwear

Here’s a quick and easy way to transform a pair of plain pumps by adding a few embellishments.


6 things to consider when buying your first property

A few crucial things you need to know before you make the big purchase.


WATCH: How wedding dresses have changed over the years

This video captures 100 years of wedding dresses in three minutes.


12 iconic '90s supermodels: then and now

They have gone from the ramp to working as authors, reality TV hosts and philanthropists.

Book Club

Twilight reimagined: Bella's a boy!

Author of best-selling Twilight saga, Stephanie Meyer has gender-flipped the roles of Bella and Edward in this 10th anniversary edition of Twilight.


Yes, you can wear an all-white suit

Jozi fashionista, Thithi Nteta show us how to pull off the white-on-white ensemble, effortlessly.


#Strengthtosayno: 18-year-old woman inspires a movement

Rekka Kalindi inspired a global trend opposing forced child marriage after writing a memoir about the horrible treatment she faced when she refused to become a child bride.

Book Club

Book review: Under Ground by S.L. Grey

The world succumbs to a deadly virus, as strangers are confined underground in the Sanctum, a luxurious survival bunker with no where to hide and with deadly consequences.

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Win an African Extracts beauty hamper worth R1000!

Just take this survey and tell us about your skin.


Human backpacks cause stir at Fashion Week

Controversial fashion designer, Rick Owens's spectacular show saw models wearing...other models.


Why has fashion become so impractical?

Finding a normal work shirt that doesn't expose your bra seems impossible these days.

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Missed your favourite soapie? Catch up!

Get all the teasers for your favourite drama shows!


Plant a vegetable garden outside your own back door

Feel the itch to plant something, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to get going.


10 models with tats who seriously make us want to get inked

Tattoos and models never really mixed in the past. However, times have changed. Here are some of our favourite model tats.

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