If you were outraged by our Weave Wars, you should read this


Apparently a lifestyle publication cannot comment on the hair, looks or outfits of politicians ... unless we’re talking about Tim Harris, of course.

Do you have ankle boot anxiety?


Ankle boots are super cute. But sometimes it's quite daunting to think of what to wear them with. Here are some sartorial tips to help take the ankle boot anxiety away ...

'I bite my boyfriend in frustration during sex and I can't stop''

Sex and Sizzle

This reader bites her boyfriend in frustration while making love. She loves him and says sex isn't bad. Think it's psychological? Share your advice.

5 Wedding mishaps that will make you cringe


There are wedding fails, and then there are WEDDING FAILS. These videos will make your toes curl up from the sheer embarrassment and hilarity of it all.

Love in the time of robots

Sex and Sizzle

How much tech do you need with your sex? Dorothy Black admits she’s starting to feel worried.

Rhino horns worth millions stolen from safe in Mpumalanga


About 40 rhino horns, worth an estimated R160m, have been stolen from the safe of a tourism organisation in Mpumalanga, a report says.

Celebs without makeup

Even Skin

See gorgeous stars rocking their natural faces. Who said barefaced can’t be beautiful?

5 people, including a child die as 'impatient' driver crashes into car


Five people, including a child, have been killed in a head-on collision on the N1 outside Ventersburg.

Beauty review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All in one Powder


E'rybody loves a lil' all-in-one product, it does all it's supposed to and is easy on the pocket. We review Maybelline's all-in-one powder.

Why I'm not here for the mainstream gay rights movement


I’m a feminist, I’m queer as hell and I’m all about the advancement of human rights. Therefore, I can’t support the mainstream gay rights movement as it is.

Things you should and shouldn't do when dating a black girl


Interracial relationships can be tricky. The culture clash is somewhat unavoidable but when you know what to expect it's easier to prepare yourself.

We all have our relationship crosses to bear

Sex and Sizzle

With Easter on its way, Mannie Bradshaw finds himself thinking about a different kind of Last Supper...

Prince William told Kate Middleton she looks like a banana


Is it rude of us to say we agree with him? I mean, we ADORE her, but… Oh, see for yourself!

The Oscar trial: what we'll miss the most


We asked you to tell us what's been some of the most interesting moments of the Oscar trial. Here's what you had to say.

Feeling a bit dull? Here are 8 simple steps to brighter skin

Even Skin

No matter the season, our faces can easily dry out and seem dull. Here's how to fix the problem in a few easy steps.

12 totally awesome things you can make yourself for Easter


Get into the spirit of Easter with these cute DIY ideas.

Buses collide near Bloem, 68 injured


At least 68 people were injured when two buses collided outside Bloemfontein in the Free State on Thursday, paramedics said.

8 celebrities who've killed someone

Celeb Gossip

From Oscar Pistorius to Brandy Norwood, these celebs have all taken someone's life.

Drivers to undergo fitness tests - Peters


Transport Minister Dipuo Peters says clamping down on unfit drivers would help reduce road deaths, adding that some drivers would have to undergo fitness tests every six months.

Celebs who struggle with mental disorders

Celeb Gossip

They might always look happy, chirpy and full of life, but even the rich and famous suffer from depression and other serious mental illnesses.

Is planning for your big day really worth all the effort?


We're not dismissing the idea of having a big wedding, but we do think there are some fabulous pros to skipping the whole shebang and eloping instead.

A detox for your skin? Why not?

Even Skin

Detoxing isn't just about eliminating impurities from your digestive system: your skin can benefit just as much from being rid of harmful toxins.

How to get Kate Middleton hair

Great Hair

Just because you’re not blessed with naturally thick, shiny and cascading hair doesn’t mean you can’t fake it.

Save money. Make your own Easter eggs


Looking to give your Easter décor a contemporary twist? Here’s an idea for chalkboard and gold eggs that you can do with the entire family.

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