3 hairstyles we want you to try this year

Great Hair

Lob it, crop it or wave it. Mirrors Hair Lab owner, Candice Donadel, gives us her hair tips.

Awesome ab exercises for core stability and a toned tummy


These three moves you can do at home without equipment.

Use honey to combat dry hair and skin

Great Hair

DIY your beauty routine with this fantastic pantry item.

People-pleasers tend to overeat in social situations


Eating when you're not hungry? Your people-pleasing demeanour may be to blame

How to make time for yourself


Spending time alone is essential to a happy, healthy life. Here's how to get those minutes.

WATCH: Sexy, disturbing, NSFW ad has tongues wagging


Adult retailer, Coco de Mer, teamed up with TBWA\London’s Walter Campbell and renowned director to make crazy, erotic film that will leave you feeling weird.

5 romantic (and really expensive) gifts Kanye has given Kim


So, it's been a whole year since Kimye tied the knot - and it seems that they are going stronger than ever. Here we round up some of the most elaborate gifts Kanye has given Kim during their very public courtship.

Are finances keeping you and your spouse from starting a family?


Delayed parenting could cause financial strain later in life. A financial expert shows you how to build a strong financial foundation before having children.

How Long will South Africa Survive?

Book Club

Everything suggests that South Africa under the ANC is fast slipping backward and that the survival of South Africa as a unitary state cannot be taken for granted.

Get a peek inside a fashion director's wardrobe


Tarryn Oppel, fashion director of ELLE South Africa, shows us how she wears her kicks.

Are you exchanging sex for love?


Where are all the good men? Paballo Molahlehi wonders why women fall under pressure of giving sex to possibly find love.

"What I find super sexy in a man"


Everyone has those traits they find irresistible. Violet Online shares her list of sexy traits she loves in a man.

Celebs brought their fashion A-game at the amfAR 2015 Gala


Every year, amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, closes the Cannes Film Festival with a bang. Celebrities and other influential people stepped out to support this international nonprofit organization dedicated to AIDS research and prevention.

Elle Australia sparks controversy with breastfeeding cover


Will this cover actually help to normalise breastfeeding?

“Go home, Pinterest. You’re drunk”


An awesome new Tumblr chronicles some of the best worst pins ever seen on the popular photosharing site, Pinterest.

Scrapbook your wedding album


Why not add a personal touch to your wedding album with these crafty tips and tricks?

You know what should bother you more than false accusations of racism? Racism.


Why is it so many people are more concerned about the possibility of someone being falsely accused of racism than about racism itself?

How to lose 5kg just by getting dressed: part 3


Would you love to wear short skirts, but don’t like showing your legs? Tracy Gold gives us two great winter dressing solutions to this problem.

Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus


Stop acting like men and women are from different planets. Laura Shortridge tells us why men and women should team up together, even with our differences.

7 most epic reality show meltdowns

Series Addicts

Get ready for some of the best tears, tantrums and rants ever to be showcased on reality TV.

This might be the best flight safety video ever


Delta Airlines has released what it calls "The Internetest safety video on the Internet" full of meme references and awesomeness.

4 of the dumbest products for women


Lili Radloff wonders why marketers think we're idiots. And why we prove them right all the time.

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