Luister: South Africa has mastered the art of silencing

With all the controversy surrounding Stellenbosch University and the documentary "Luister", Malini Mohana feels that some of the conversations that are happening are causing more harm than good.


How to make the perfect bow for all your gifting needs

A step-by-step guide to making a beautiful bow to decorate a gift or card.


Browse our spring shoes wishlist!

It's spring day! Here are just a few of the fabulous shoes we are coveting this season.


Is bad breath keeping you from an office romance?

Some of our readers share how they tell someone they work with about their bad breath.


The #StrongerTogether campaign wants you to nominate someone

Have you, or someone close to you, been touched by cancer? Share the story and inspire others, and 1Life might surprise you with the experience of a lifetime. #StrongerTogether.


Why men deny sexually harassing women at work

Do men do it out of ignorance, or because they get away with it? Malini Mohana investigates.


When cancer affects someone you love, your own journey is as important

Two experienced cancer carers talk about coping, one day at a time.


Are you brave enough to tell someone that their breath stinks?

From writing a secret note to sparking up a suggestive conversation, our readers find sneaky ways to tell someone that they have bad breath.


WATCH: These 5 women gymnasts will blow your mind

These girls are the most flexible, coordinated, human beings on the planet. Just watch what they do with the balls.


"I walked into a glass door at a job interview"

Embarrassing job interview stories you have to hear.


Should we moderate the sweet things in life?

Should "you only live once" even apply to food?

Sex and Sizzle

Top 10 sex positions for her

We've rounded up the best positions to ensure that YOU have a mind-blowing orgasm.


How to style faux fur in spring

A Fashion Friend fashion editor and one of our favourite fashion girls, Raya Rossi shows us how to style a faux fur jacket.


I ignored my friend's cry for help, now she is dead

Sometimes doing nothing is just as bad as actively contributing to a problem.

Celeb Gossip

8 times celebs shut down body shamers

When it comes to their bodies, these celebs know the only opinion that matters it their own.


Win! 1 of 4 Placecol skincare vouchers worth R500 each

Feel rejuvenated this spring - enter this fabulous competition now!


MTV Video Music Awards 2015: all the must-see outfits

Miley hosted, Kanye is running for president and celebs pulled out all the stops outfit-wise. See all the beautiful (and tragic) outfits worn last night.


20 celebrities prove the fresh-faced look is fabulous

We have rounded up some of the most popular selfies shared by celebrities and models - showing off their naked beauty.


Turn wooden beads into colourful jewels

Use pretty paper serviettes in your favourite colours to decorate plain wooden beads.

News and Trends

How to organise your fridge and freezer

Organising your fridge or freezer may seem like a hassle, but it's easier with these simple tips and tricks.


How to tell someone they have stinky breath

Telling someone they have smelly breath is difficult no matter how you do it. Our readers tell us how they would approach the topic.


Try Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj’s '70s disco diva cat-eye

We look at the revolution of the cat-eye and how to copy this VMAs beauty hit.

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