Real SA wedding: Andel & Pieter

Real Weddings

They met up at an airport and fell in love over a game of cards. Here’s how their beautiful day unfolded.

My favourite jewellery box caught fire during load shedding

Home And Away

What would you do if load shedding made you lose something you love? Here is one reader's tale on losing her precious valuables...

"I don't need a rainbow to support equality"


With America finally allowing gay marriage across the country, everyone is changing their profile pictures in support. Pamela Simpson wonders if this is real support or another Facebook trend.

Natural hair tips for the winter brides-to-be

Great Hair

Are you about to get married and don't know what to do with your hair? We've got the solution!

6 brilliant ways to make your salary last longer


Is there just too much month at the end of your money? Here are 6 ways to do more with your salary.

Why my friends don't trust my new guy


Violet Online thought that only women gossip, but she got the biggest surprise while on a date with a new flame.

Win a LED 3D smart TV


Stand a chance of winning a Samsung UA55H8000 Smart 55 inch Curved LED TV valued at R20 000 from Save Hyper!

Should social media have a part in your wedding?


To share or not to share? That is the question. Should you share every detail of our big day online, or should weddings remain social media free zones?

Figure-hugging gowns reign supreme at BET Awards 2015


From Blac Chyna to Zendaya Coleman, we select the best dressed women who stunned at the BET 2015.

How to shop the perfect pair of jeans


When last did you go shopping for a pair of jeans and actually come home with a pair you love? Tracy Gold gives us her top tips to shopping for your perfect pair.

"Older women inspire my fashion sense more than twenty-somethings do"


As someone who spends her days writing about fashion trends and style news, Marisa Crous considers how her family influenced her past and current wardrobe choices.

10 South African reads that you can buy for R200 or less

Book Club

Because who doesn’t love a good read AND a good bargain?

Why it's perfectly fine to love makeup


Women are posting half-makeup selfies – and it’s really awesome.

The classic coat every woman should own


Don't let winter surpass you without donning this classic caramel-coloured coat.

Transform your bed from average sleeper to luxe hotel bed

News and Trends

Getting the right duvet and pillows can drastically transform your bed.

5 tips and tricks for reducing big pores


Pores. We all have them. And while we can’t get rid of them, we can make them appear smaller. Here’s how...

5 fantastic jobs you can do from home


If home is where the heart is, why can’t it be your office too?

Are you too close to his mother?


Oh, the irony! It seems not all men are happy when you're actually getting along with his mother. Honey Morgan suggests ways to put your man at ease.

This guy wore heels for a day and now knows what real pain is


This guy wanted to know why women complain so much when wearing heels. So he decided to wear heels for a day and wanted to die.

WATCH men do their girlfriends' makeup (surprising results)


This is truly hilarious. Would you trust your partner to do your make up?

Blanket-capes: for modern-day superheroes

Fashion's cold outside! Poncho weather is finally here and we couldn't be happier.

Be the best dressed person at the office - on a budget


Do you think you need a big budget to create a good office look? Tracy Gold tells us how to put together a good work wardrobe without breaking the bank.

10 inspiring sports women you should know about


These heroes aren’t just winning big in the sports field, but also motivate us to be better people.

“I’m so OCD” and other phrases you need to stop throwing around

Book Club

OCD and other mental health illnesses are not adorable personality traits... and this book really brings that point home.

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