After 100+ issues, Glamour SA has first-ever local, black cover star

Celeb Gossip

Bonang Matheba is Glamour SA’s first local, black cover girl…ever! A little too late?

We team up with our sister site, Channel24 for a review of Mockingjay, the latest release in the Hunger Games trilogy

Featured Articles

Channel24 movies editor, Leandra Engelbrecht and our own books editor, Tammy February went to the Mockingjay screening. Here's what they thought of the movie.

How to get effortless volume

Great Hair

Have long hair that's looking a bit lacklustre after winter? No worries, we have just the thing.

The look: summer whites, soft caramel leather and metallic shoes


Go from sea to shore in summer whites, soft leather investment pieces and metallic heels, wedges or sliders for an effortlessly glamorous sun-kissed look.

Pizza bedding: a dream or your worst nightmare?


I love food. I love pizza. But this bedding sounds terrible. Would you sleep in it?

Help! It's got me in its grip


Novemberitis is here again and Lili Radloff feels your pain.

The best things about living in a complex

News and Trends

Living in a complex filled with lots of other people is probably better than it seems.

Ivanka Trump's #WomenWhoWork campaign celebrates every aspect of women's lives


Ivanka Trump wants to celebrate working women of today, moving away from the stereotype of the crazed working mother and friend running around flustered in a dark pantsuit.

Going steady in the world of dating apps


Dating has got a lot more complex than just swiping left or right. Here are five of the most ridiculous apps you might come across while seeking Mr-Will-Do-For-Now.

4 Marriage proposal disasters


Some marriage proposal ideas should be avoided at all costs.

Transgender Day of Remembrance


Transgender Day of Remembrance honours those who have lost their lives to violence because of their gender.

4 ways to style your look from day to night

Fashion and Beauty

Have no time to go home after work to change? Tracy Gold’s tips will help.

Instagram style file: Funeka Ngwevela


Funeka's Instagram reads like a must-have summer look book.

City dismisses 'R15m takeaway' report


The City of Tshwane has dismissed a media report that R15m was spent on takeaways for municipal employees in a month.

The Psychology of Expression


"Doctors are pondering the wisdom of the age-old saying that beauty is just skin deep. "

That time I swore at a stranger


Yet another incident of street harassment that left one reader feeling violated.

I feel sorry for Dr Matt Taylor


He soared to fame after one of the greatest scientific accomplishments of our time: Landing a spacecraft on a comet. But his clothing choice might have ruined him.

Why the new Computer Engineer Barbie Doll completely misses the mark


We all know that Barbie has had a lot of different careers over the years: from nurse to singer and model. Now, she's a computer engineer - but it's not as great as it sounds.

When will the 'astrology is evil' debate ever come to an end?


Some might believe that delving into the unknown may be playing with fire. Do you agree?

How to find the perfect pair of jeans

Fashion and Beauty

The perfect pair of jeans is worth the spend, but how do you find the ideal fit? Tracy Gold gives us tips on which styles suit which shapes.

The sad tale of money won, money earned and sangrias lost


We win some, lose some and even earn some. This blogger talks saving, tax and the value of money.

Are you involuntarily butchering the English language?


Thanks to texting and interwebs, people have come up with every possible abbreviation imaginable to escalate efficiency.

1 in 2 SA women has zero faith in government


This is one of the findings from Women24’s annual Female Nation Survey. Let’s see what else SA women had to say…

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